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    Anti-camping tactics?

      Any anti-camping tactics?



      We've all seen those cowards.

      Crouched behind the desk on Highjacked or those damn team campers!


      I don't mean people defending objectives or people honestly [long]-range sniping.


      [Insert my hour long rant about how disgusting and pitiful the existance of a worthless little camper is.]

      P.S. I HATE campers. Campers = Trash

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          Re: Anti-camping tactics?

          Another happy customer, served.

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            Re: Anti-camping tactics?

            Campers = Easy Kills.


            1)Map Knowledge- Know the popular camping spots and sight lines. Nothing ticks a camper off more than an attacker slicing the pie around a corner and taking them out before they can even squeeze off a shot.


            2)EMP grenades- Campers hate these little beauties. Stuns them temporarily and takes out their camping tools.


            3) Avoidance. Sometimes just avoiding an area is a necessity. If they have it on lockdown,don't feed them easy kills by constantly attacking that same spot. If their camping zone isn't in a mission critical area, just take another route. They are often selfish enough to stay there even if there is light traffic, it takes them out of the equation.


            4) Flanking- Comes back to map knowledge, learn all the routes to an area. Take the Chateau in Downhill for example. People like to camp inside. Many, however, don't realize you can climb up to the second floor balcony from the snowdrift in front and surprise them. You learn all the alternate routes, expect some fantastic camper rage


            5)Communication- Tell your teammates where the campers are. Come up with a plan of attack if they are in an important area.


            6) Use your lethals and tacticals- they really help against campers.


            7) Get the lead and then camp yourself- Not my favorite tactic... but for intense campers sometimes it is best to get a lead and sit back.. let them have to go on the offensive to get the win. Not the most exciting, but again you get some great nerd rage.


            They are easy to beat if you know how to do it.

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                Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                Nice. Any more idea for an anti-camping build? I'll switch to EMPs as well.

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                    Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                    Pretty much use a weapon that you are comfy with. I prefer ARs for the long range engagements.


                    I find FMJ helps take out those who head glitch. I use the red dot a lot to help with my aim, but some guns have ideal iron sights. Use what is comfortable to you. In some situations using the TF against the campers really helps, especially if they head glitch or camp windows.


                    I find Ghost pretty useless, so I typically carry a launcher to take out UAVs. I love Fast Mags, but I mix that with Cold Blooded. I always use Blind Eye so those ill-earned streaks can't kill me... and I recommend Dexterity and Engineer. Dexterity is awesome for climbing up to climbing spots quickly and surprising campers, Engineer to pick up their Betties, etc.


                    I don't rely too much on my equipment, but there are tools like the EMP or Frag/Semtex Grenades which are great for digging the campers out.

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                        Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                        As a self proclaimed and unashamed camper, I agree.  EMPs are definitely annoying to have to deal with.  There isn't a reliable counter to EMPs since EMPs can affect equipment through walls which renders the trophy system pretty useless.  It is still possible to camp without equipment, but equipment definitely makes camping much easier.  The best campers move around some and keep the run and guns guessing where they are.  A stupid camper stays in the same place all the time.

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                        Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                        Primary Weapon: MK48

                        Attachments: FMJ, Adjustable Stock

                        Wildcard: Overkill

                        Secondary Weapon: MP7

                        Attachments: MMS

                        Perks: Toughness, Engineer

                        Tacticals: EMP grenades x2


                        Depends on the situation though.  You could replace Overkill with may be a SMAW and then use Scavenger.  I'm surprised the amount of corner campers I find in my lobbies that don't run Cold Blooded, probably hoping to blend in the background to save selecting it to allow a slot for something else.  That's why I mentioned the MMS attachment above.

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                          Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                          When it comes to lethals and tacticals. I would use flashbangs to blind them, and throw C4 to kill them. C4 will not be seen since they're blind, and C4 can not be heard when thrown. That is what I would use. Of course in my opinion C4 has a bigger blast/kill radius than the semtax or frag grenade.

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                          Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                          Yeah, I learned about that balcony trick the hard way.  I had both doors covered and thought it wasn't possible for someone to get up to the balcony because I had tried to get up there myself once and couldn't. (probably didn't try hard enough, or perhaps dexterity is a necessary perk)  Imagine my surprise when someone comes down the stairs and shoots me.


                          Another person surprised me on Yemen once too.  Apparently it is possible to get up to the balcony in the market place.  I thought the only ways into the room were either up the stairs or straight in the front door.  Not true apparently.  I still haven't figured out how the person got to the balcony, but I know I got shot in the back 

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                          Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                          Don't become a real soldier then.  Real soldiers don't recklessly charge in to battle when camping and waiting for the enemy would be a better strategy.  Too many people think that campers are cowards, when in fact, in real life, it could mean the difference between life and death.  You don't get multiple lives in real combat.   It pays to be cautious and play smart.  I think people who hate campers hate being outsmarted.

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                              Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                              Oh my god. Did you seriously just compare the game to real life in order to justify a tactic?

                              If that were the case you aught as well justify hacking/modding because (in real life) you need literally every edge you can possibly get because you only have one life.


                              Really, that argument isn't valid. "Shouln't be a soldier", as if I'm incapable of drawing a line between Xbox and life.

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                              Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                              So you want someone out in the open so they're easy kills?

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                                Re: Anti-camping tactics?

                                I got a good revenge kill on a camper yesterday. He was camping by the train on magma, and shot me in the back as I rounded the corner. I went back to get him, ended up crossing paths with another enemy in front of him, and he got me again while I was reloading.


                                I went back thinking there was no way this guy would stay there now that I knew where he was, but sure enough he was still there. I rounded the corner and took him out before he even knew I was coming. Felt good.


                                I have no problem with camping. Usually I just make it my goal to kill them.

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