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    if a smartphone camera can identify a number of heads in a simple photograph, then a target finder is a very viable battlefield weapon, especially for a futuristic game!)

      i've been back working in a kitchen, here in juneau, alaska, as chef de Tournant, and at our recent mother's day brunch, i took a picture using my mothers samsund galaxy note 2, and i had never before seen this kind of technology, ever, other than in the movie act of valor.  i was moving the camera around, and it framed all the faces that were there, amazing! 


      anyways, i know that the target finder adds a distinct advantage to all the guns, and it's probably because it seemingly reduces the guns recoil, and adding accuracy at long ranges?  i love using it, and i'm sure everyone does, but if you hate it, at least it is something more than iron sights!  everytime cod puts out a game, they have these protoypical weapons, and the target finder does the job as a futuristic weapons advancement.