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    The Role of a Slayer


      A 22 gunstreak with the R870 and the entire enemy team backing out I found on my hard drive but I felt like it would serve as a discussion point.


      Those that play dominaton know that a slayer is a necessary role to fill, but I feel like half the people who refer to themselves as "slayers" are not that at all. A slayer needs to do two things.

      1) Control the spawns- In the video you can see I controlled both spawns the enemy had that game. I locked the first one in by capping A and B, and then when the spawns decided to flip, I capped their original spawn flag and rotated spawns I was patrolling.


      2) Get their scorestreaks- Nothing pisses me off more than someone who goes 30-10 with a few caps and defends but doesnt call in a single scorestreak. If you are going to blatantly ignore the objective for most of the match at least make your teammates lives easier by getting your streaks. I ended up getting 3 VSATs in the first round.


      Overall this short clip is a pretty good showing of what a slayer should do. Do you guys agree?

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          driftor has a video up about the same topic maybe you should check it out

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            Nice game playing.


            Music (prefer the Cantina song from Star Wars but its still cool).


            Slayer, camper, jumper, runner, patroller, what ever you still had to move and aim and be productive overall great example of what to do in Dom when things go as planned.

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              I remember this game lol.

              You said over mic that you choked a possible nuclear. I never seen the way you died but was unlucky.


              On your first point : I love being partied up with you guys because the spawns don't normally get out of control. I mean yeah, fair enough we do sometimes trip cap but it would be organised over mic etc. But controlling the spawns as a slayer is very important.


              On your second point : Nothing pisses me off more than someone not playing the objective, not calling in any streaks, going negative and messing up the spawns completely. I wouldn't care even if it was always just a UAV this person called in. But these slayers that continuously run into the enemy spawn, get maybe 2 kills, then die, then repeat that process for the game really does piss me off. Plus when they blatantly run past you while you are on an objective, only to die about 5 seconds later and then I die while I was about 1 second from capping the flag.


              But overall, yes I do agree with you. And great job of doing that for us in that game to. You're a bit OP to be honest lol

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                  I honestly didn't remember the game until I watched it. My hard drive was getting cluttered and decided to get rid of a few things and had this labeled as "The only thing gayer than tom is hitmarkers" and figured I had to watch. The second I saw the relentless pop up I remembered.


                  To point 1, the spawns would have remained with them at C all game if MajorPayne didn't try and be a hero. I wouldn't call that organized, but rather selfish lol


                  To point 2, I honestly don't mind when someone doesn't play the objective, I do my fair share of it. What bothers me is people who get a 2 or 3 KD not playing the objective and don't get a UAV. I was playing with a friend the other day and one of his buddies has a 7KD. All he did every game was run to the B flag, get a few capture kills for his VSAT and camp out his Dogs and Swarm. He was the least objective player I've ever seen, but he made my life a hell of alot easier.


                  I am not OP, CoD enjoys giving me things like 20 killstreaks, getting my hopes up for a Nuclear than smashing it those dreams.

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                    The problem is 11 year old kids will watch this and say "I'm a ' slayer' that's why I don't ptfo.

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                    Is that the Kap 40 I see? Baby are you cheating on me?

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                      my aren't you a brash, self-absorbed person based solely on your responses within this one thread.


                      first off... i just want to say LOL @ you getting super butt-hurt over the guy saying Drift0r posted a BETTER video on your example -before- you did.


                      second off.. this is not what a "slayer" is or does. lol. you are taking a competitive gaming term and putting it into a pub match with scrubs lol. that is NOT what it is. you are just a decent player spawn camping with an OP set up on a cluttered map. there is nothing at all special about it. it is also the reason why Dom is a noob gametype and isn't even considered in a competitive setting. lol.


                      it's not a slayers job to control spawns AT ALL looool. that is called the anchor. the anchor's sole task is to make sure the spawns are regulated in a way that his team is at a constant advantage. not the slayer.


                      the only part you got half way right is the scorestreaks. but it isn't even about that. a slayer should b using ONE streak to help the team out.. that's it. and since even a UAV doesn't exist in a competitive game.. they don't even do that. lol.


                      the job of a slayer is to do just that. slay. they stay completely in the thick of the fight and they are the BEST person on the team at killing. that is -it-. say you have a 4 man team. 2 people are obj players. one possibly a runner, the other the escort, relay set up, etc. one person is the anchor, and the last is the slayer.


                      the slayer's job is simple. stay near the objectives of the game.. and make sure the other team does NOT reach them. if a lead is obtained then the slayer usually backs off and slows down a little to obtain streaks or to set up to help the obj players.


                      stick to posting professionally.. because you have no idea what you're talking about.

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                          OG_ShakeZula wrote:



                          stick to posting professionally.. because you have no idea what you're talking about.

                          Fighting words!

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                            Where to begin since you've just left me so many opportunities....


                            The child posting to me about Drift0r is a moron. It had nothing to do with what he posted and more the fact he responded at all. Hes annoying 10 year old that annoys the living sh*t out of me and he could've posted "hey nice video" and I would've told him to f*ck off. When you insert yourself in a conversation and have no idea whats going on, you look stupid, its probably best you refrain from that.


                            Now correct me if I'm wrong (which I know I'm not but I'm just humoring you and your pathetic response) but Domination isn't an MLG gametype in Black Ops 2. Your using what an MLG slayer does and comparing it to a public game mode. Theres no correlation there. Again, youre making yourself look stupid by comparing two things that aren't the same, again I would refrain from that.


                            If a slayer does the best on the team in terms of killing, explain to me how a game where I ended with twice as many gun kills as anyone on my team wasn't exactly that. Besides an orgainized spawn flip where I capped the C flag to get a VSAT, how many times did they make it past me? Again, best at killing on the team would mean slayer...no? Your own words used against you again makes you look stupid, you should probably stop doing that.


                            MLG Pros are nothing more than flag football players. They take the actual game that occurs in public lobbies and manipulate the rules so that the game is easier for them, similar to how someone who plays flag football takes away tackling so they don't get hurt. Glorified Flag football players aren't something to be worshiped. When you have to take away certain guns, lethals, tacticals and scorestreaks (which werent even in competitive until this game) in order to play, you are a scrub. OpTic Scumpii is seen as the best MLG player, but his gameplays put him as a bottom of the rung gameplay channel. Pro players cant handle public matches, and need to change the rules so they can play "fair". Its like a professional boxer crying after losing a street fight because they guy "didn't fight fair". Again, you look stupid putting MLG pro players on pedastel, you should probably refrain from that.


                            In terms of my scorestreak selection, I don't need lethals to dominate a team. I've called in plenty of Swarms, Lodestars, Dogs and any other top notch killing streak. I've posted plenty of ridiculous score lines with them. Again, I don't need them to slay, all I need is a gun. You are again making yourself look foolish saying I'm not slaying the enemy because I'm running non lethals, you should probably refrain from that.


                            If you see there is a common theme in what I said. You are making yourself look stupid, and you should probably refrain from that. I'll just give you the chance to walk away and not respond, I suggest you take it and save a shred of digninty.