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    A more usefull camo unlock.


      Ok so I personally have never seen this issue addressed on these forums although I am sure it very well may have been. I has to do with when choosing perk 1, and the appearance your avatar takes on. Wouldn't it seem to make more sense to have camo unlocks for the avatars as opposed to the weapons? Weapon camo is pretty useless, but I have seen players utilize the camouflage their avatar is dawning in game. Ghillie suits are the most obvious , but wouldn't it be great as an extra thing to take into consideration when setting up a class?  Personally I don't even bother with weapon camo it serves no purpose to me, there are already challenges for weapons to unlock attachments so camo challenges seems redundant to me. What do you guys think? Do you use cover in game, and try to blend in? Do you use dark areas on maps to hide? Have you and a friend had sessions just to find backdrops that make it hard to see your avatar? I would love to see avatar camo unlocks and customizations. I know this will not happen in this game, but maybe future COD's. 3D camo, basic bdu's, different camoflage for differenteenvironments, maybe even thermal camo that protects you from infrared?