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    DLC 3 LONESTAR?!?!

      Came Across LONESTAR DLC,  Enjoy


      http://s333.photobucket.com/user/smoothsuave/media/3ba7ff88-4942-4f56-8282-2904b 66bab5c.jpg.html?state=copy



      So really guys it is that bad???  I know the Tranzit original pic modified gives it away a bit, but If you see the symbolism in the pic it could be legit.  All the zombies are showing different eyes from all 3 maps.  The bus on the left is red.  The bus sign indicates b bus.  The zombies and their threads are cleaner with the non foggy sky, indicating a difference.  The lamp on the right is green indicating a portal.  The goal was to clean the map up and emphasize b route and connections to other dlc maps.

      Other maps were my ideas for multiplayer.  I personally like the background and the DLC name LONESTAR.

      To continue I will add map descriptions for what I want to see.


      The Navcard finally shows its purpose.  Three maps collide and reveal even more mysteries.  Be careful what you wish for.

      Rustic    Inside a cave. Several small caverns with one man passages and prone only crossing.  One open cavern meets in the middle exposed by only the waterfall and its ledge. Medium Map

      DECO   Like night of the museum  The museum comes to life sporting prehistoric animals and more.  Choose your allies carefully.  I would like to see AI soldiers and zombies. Large multi story map.

      Takeout   Minimall parking lot featuring chinese cuisine.  Cars parked everywhere with two accessible interstate onramps coming into play.  Keep your eyes down range whether your shopping with friends, eating chinese, or looking to catch a ride home.

      EXTRA Interest

      New Zombie Game Mode

      Fast Forward 

      Takes zombies gameplay to a new level, literally.  Surroundings change during gameplay, don't get use to your set up. Every 5 rounds you teleport to 1of 4 maps . Speed intervals make for faster rounds and quicker deaths.  Fast Forward lets you change game speed.

      Thanks guys for viewing, and would like your detailed criticism.  Artwork, Text, Pictures, Overall believability.