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    Campaign team should do more maps in the future

      Mob of the Dead is pure awesomeness, they've listened to us, there is more effort in there than any other map, and its probably the best map - certainly in BO2, they gave us the AK47, death machine, uzi, thompson, decent wonder weapon - things we've been asking for a while, an irritating but easily killed boss - the warden, grief i hated, but this map had effort this time, they found a use for the hell hound, they gave us flopper and mule kick, no jug but a challenge, they kept the wonder weapons, the aesthetics on the box etc was nice, it was a really well thought out map and it amazes it wasnt even made by the zombie team, but i guess after the campaign is done, what can the campaign team do? by this we can potentially have 2 zombie maps per map pack, one from the campaign lot and one from the zombies team. All in all MOTD is the best map yet and i hope the zombie team realize this and how popular it is and that they should continue this trait