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    Why so Serious???

      First of all, I don't consider myself a camper..


      But I am trying to get AR's gold. Currently on the Swat so i decided to play hardcore because 1 burst usually kills and its easier to get headshots.


      First map was Hijacked so I stayed at one end of the boat and played cautious.. after the game ended i received a message saying that i was a sad little noob and i wasn't playing the game how its supposed to be played....


      Is there a rule book that dictates how the game should be played, or is it supposed to be about having fun?? Screw all this lag comp/camper bollox...


      a game is a game at the end of the day....


      Some people are way too serious...


      Think about it...


      What does the other guy win and you lose???


      Its a 10 minute game at most and everyting gets reset after that, apart from K/D of course.. but we all agree that means nothing.. Right?

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          Play how you want to play, as long as it is within the spirit of the game.


          If they can't find a way to beat you, that is on them.

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            I guess this guy doesnt get out much in the real world


            There are jerks everywhere, thats why there is a report button and a mute button.

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              You paid for the game, play it however you want. Playing defensively on Hijacked is probably the best way to avoid being butt ****** anyway.


              Doesn't matter what you do or how you play, you'll get haters. If you go 30-1 it's 'reported for hacking etc', if you go 1-30 it's 'OMG your so bad' etc.


              Just ignore them.

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                  My thoughts exactly.


                  Anyone play CoD4 when it first came out? The community was hella fun, People played the game for what it was.... A game meant for kickN back after a hard days work/class's.


                  WaW had a great community too... not sure what happened in the last few releases... seems the trolls are taking over

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                  thanks guys, means alot that there are some down to earth people in the community..


                  nearly hung up the joypad lol



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                    P.S. Has anyone else ever got that upset that they felt the need to message the other player?

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                      staying put isn't bad. failing to participate in the game mode you chose requires a very convincing reason. kill confirmed is one of the better examples. snipers can't get tags while maintaining position. the pacing of k/c dictates a sniper must move regularly or risk a knife in the back however

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                        I play the way I want and so should you! I get the occassional "camping ****" PM...but in all honesty it just make me laugh. People get angry when they get beat, that's their issue. I'm not gonna apologize for beating someone In maps like Hijacked, the best way to approach it is to stay on one side and pick people off methodically, like you described. Nothing wrong with that That's how I play this game.


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                            that video isn't camping. that's point defense. there can be an argument made that good point defense is advanced camping but i think that's people made angry enough to split hairs anyhow. i'm a rusher, i should know. i also don't know how you conduct yourself in games you don't record. why is that attached again? i'm curious how it contributes to the thread.

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                            There is no rule on how to play. Notwithstanding, it is not regarded de rigueur to camp one end of Hijacked to earn AR gold. Community standards you see, hence the hate mail.


                            For example your humble scribe runs AR diamonds (bling ) and while it would have been easier to camp the ends so to speak, old gallp feels it lacks savior faire.


                            Thus, gallps diamonds are the real deal, are yours?



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                              Play as you please I say....


                              I'm not a fan off camping, neither are many others but I see how people do it for easy kills. There's always that player or two, that insist on revenge, go back time and time again only to rage more due to their own carelessness, which at times, results in the hate mail you received.


                              My friend is one if those guys, he'll quite happily die 10 times to kill a camper once....There's no telling him though, he's too thrawn.

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                                I'm sick  to death of people on Hijacked rushing A after capping C so they can get easy spawn kills, so camp your ass off fella and pick these w@nkers off as they pop out of engine room, or  port side walkway, they ***** about camping but all they were trying to do was get easy kills instead of actually playing and winning an even gunfight.

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                                  Mute all feature...


                                  ... best new feature in this game.

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                                    I see nothing wrong with what you did. somme tool is just mad because you messed up his k/d.

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                                      in the grand skeem of things yes KD means nothing, but in the game no, it does mean something..


                                      yes it is just a game, but some people are competitive with type A personalities..


                                      I am one of them, however i can take a loss fine if my team just got beat fair and square, but alot of the time, this is not the case.. people spawn kill int he game to win. you have randoms of every level, playing against clans, and the match making is really bad int he game.


                                      is it just a game? yes, that doesnt mean wu should walk around raid, and spin in circles, and shoot out all the glass.. do that in a private match.. if you are okaying with a team, then you should be playing the game correctly


                                      is football just a game? yes.. but you dont see a player  doing cart wheels when everyone else is trying to get the first down

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                                        The most hate mail I get comes from some kid that gets knocked off his streaks. It's not really the K/D that's the big deal to them it's the fact that you on upped them right as they were about to get whatever streak they were working towards. Sometimes in a kill cam I will pay close attention as to how close the person was that killed me was to their streaks and if they are going big streaks I will intentionally work to knock them off it before it causes major problems for my team.

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                                          80% of the people playing this game could use a good smack in the face accompanied with a stern "Grow the f@ck up, it's a game"