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      What up im Ta$k im 20 San Diego California is where I stay at. i am looking for a clan to join. I play alot of zombies on black ops 2 I have both map packs for black ops 2 also. And I play search or TDM. I haven't prestige in Mw3 only because I don't want to lose my guns but if its a requirement for your clan then I will prestige I play mw3 and bo2 on ps3 I mainly use a sniper, "MSR" working on my quick scoping skills. Mostly play 2v2 and 3v3 but im down to start playing other stuff. ima stoner/pothead I'm hella not annoying. im a serious gamer i play for fun i dont rage or rage quit. I play everyday I got a headset I actually talk and not one of thoses annoying 13year olds. Hit me up gamer tag is TaskMulla_


      My Kd on Mw3 is a 1.19

      And on Bo2 is a 1.78




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          Black Hawk Force Now recruiting new members


          Were a growing clan, a group of elite soldiers that work as a team. With dedicated members who stick by each other and strive together to achieve goals on the battlefield, and enjoy the rewards together at clan HQ. We are an international, active clan! With an australian headquatres and welcome any new member happy to carry the coat of arms of the Black Hawk!


          Were currently a level 14 clan, always competing on a week to week basis, with many members getting involved to grab Gold! Once Total Zombie kills comes round all hell brakes loose....let the killing begin!

          Popular clan operations -

          Kill confirmed

          Team Deathmatch

          Total Zombie Kills


          If youre interested in any of these games modes and love to work as a team then the Black Hawk Force is the right clan for you, also we have a facebook page to keep all members posted on medal counts and the top 3 players of each clan oeperation


          Recruiting from all walks of Call of Duty...Black Ops2 and Modern Warfare 3

          NO K/D Required  microphone not an essential but would be handy

          Join at    https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/6944873


          Thanks For your time BHF Leader

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            Re: IM LOOKING FOR A CLAN

            [AkMG] Askew Militia Gaming is an online gaming community looking for like minded members. We play to be competitive but will not rage on someone for their gaming skill and/or KDR. We don’t cheat/boost and play to have fun.


            -18+ years old

            -Mic Preferred (not required)

            -No Raging

            -Honest Player


            Want to be competitive?


            We have a MLG team gearing up for competitive gaming but we require:


            -Team Player

            -Site Activity

            -Attend Practices (when available)


            Check us out @ askewmilitiagaming.enjin.com

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