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    COD franchise please answer or lose loyal followers

      Have raged once to often now and well and truly sick of it. I live in south Africa that is on the bottom of the African continant for those that don't know. I have a descent connection as coonections go in my country pay the equivalant of 140 pounds sterling a month for it. Here is my grip Lag compensation or something of the like has destroyed my gaming. Locally when I connect to guys playing in my region the first game of the day is great then goes absolute downhill I always have full 4 green bars (KD 0.3to 0.6), i rage quit go to "any region" when searching and connect to players in france italy and england most often. Now I play with 2 yellow bars have seen 3 green bars once (average ping to uk 160MS) and weird now my connectin is bad my KD goes up to well over 1.5 often much higher. So stop the denying and fix this, I have bought all the COD franchise games and many map packs, and add on's but enough, you have destroyed the ability for me too enjoy this game with my mates in my region. This is a hugeissue every where I go to read up on this every one is saying the same thing, do we leave you have you got to big to care well let's see?

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          Please add to existing posts about "lag".

          The game works fine.


          By the way - you lost all interest at "rage quit"

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              Oh please what are you a dev for the game, it is broke have a look around at all the forums, you must be one of the lads playing on 3G that gets the benefit, and no I won't move to other lag posts as there needs to be a voice of how bad this is, maybe one day somone will sit up and listen if enough of us agree that the COD franchise is going to hell and they will not listen to there customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  Then you are spamming the boards intentionaly? Welp then i would expect this thread to be deleted soon....

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                    Spamming the forums doesnt help, when we have 100 posts on LAG, it kinda floods the forums and the actual NEEDED posts are drowned out. They know the problem with Lag, honestly, they haven't fixed it yet, do you think more ******** and complaining would change anything? How about you get on the phone and chat with them, send them messages on twitter, blowing up COMMUNITY forums isn'tthe answer, especially not raging like most of these "Adults" or so they say they are adults are doing.

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                        I still believe it should be here, because of the amount of people complaining in a single forum it becomes unreadible and valid points with regards to lag like mine changing to regions 6000 miles away bennefits my game play will never be seen, in lag conversations which I have read the subject mater goe completly off track and relevent posts to the subject are left on page 10, very much like this post where every one is discussing spam instead of latenvy and comp?

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                            Its because we know of this issue, people beat the dead horse, revive it, beat it again rinse and repeat. Its most of the people with Sub 20 posts on this forum that continue the same 4 topics, OP weapons, Lag, Refund or leaving, or "RAGE" posts. The bulk of this community know that we have lag/latency problems, it has to do with the face that we all don't run the same "perfect" net. You many have 100mbps down and 30 up, I got 15 down 2 up. Someone else may have 1 down .5 up it happens....The "Dedicated Servers" wouldn't change the fact of someone else having "Top of the line net" compared to average, sub par, or better net, its not an equal playing field if you want to have it based on net connections, HENCE why there is Lag Comp.

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                          2. SPAMMING: Materials that are comprised of complete nonsense or duplicates of existing content.   As a member of the community, you should use common sense when posting.  Before making a new discussion, make sure that you have performed a thorough search to ensure that a relevant topic hasn’t been made previously. Spam has a serious impact on the community.


                          And no, I play on a cable connection with 120mb down and 10mb up and the game has always worked ok for me.

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                        We've had plenty of discussion about networking, lag and matchmaking on these boards. All of it can be searched.

                        That stated: I'm sorry that you're having an issue with the game. Please reach out to Support (links below).

                        Activision Customer Support

                        Twitter & Facebook availability: Considered 24/7




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