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    COD Franchise is ruined - not Treyarch's fault


      The COD franchise really is done and it isnt because the devs are getting anything wrong, it is soley down to the people who play it. For some reason COD attracts an immature gaming community full of players who have absolutely no intention of playing the objectives in objective based games. 99% of the people who play this game only care about their K/D ratio which quite honestly means very little. Treyarch and IF can consistently try to improve their games and put a huge amount of work into developing these games but every single year the game will be ruined by people (and lets face it children) who just refuse to play the game and game modes the way it/they are meant to be played.


      Other shooters like BF and MAG have/had a mature gaming community where the emphasis was on teamwork and achieving the objective as best as they could, COD has a community who only care about themselves and have no interest in ruining their oh so precious K/D in order to help the team win.


      I don't see any clear way of the devs being able to rectify this problem, it isnt really something they can control. However I do think it is something they have recognised and that is probably why they brought in League Play but not everyone wants to play League Play 100% of the time.

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          Unfortunately a lot of the time it is the community that ruins these games. In terms of not playing the OBJ I think Treyarch did a great job with scorestreaks (players have a greater incentive to PTFO and smart players know how to farm an objective). Obviously there will always be players who don't PTFO because their KDR means so much to them but there isn't anything we or Treyarch can do. We unfortunately just have to put up with these 'killwhores'. If it really bothers you, you should play in a party.

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              I absolutely agree, and scorestreaks have definitely helped. I just think no matter what Treyarch and IF do now, no matter how good the games get they will consistently be ruined by the community that COD attracts.


              I almost always try and play in a party, have been part of a couple of clans since MW3 release but it isnt always possible to be online at the same times so there are occasions where I have to play solo.


              I do think that if there was more steps taken to irradicate underage players that this would help. Maybe something like being able to report someone you believe to be underage just like you can for cheaters and offensive language etc. So many kids play this game just for crossbow kills, ballistic knives, trickshots with sniper rifles and paying absolutely no attention to the game mode they are playing.

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              I'm so glad people are starting to realise this. I've been a CoD player since CoD 3 and players back in the CoD 3, MW, and the first half of MW2 was really mature but now, CoD is just full of whiny people, kids AND adults.


              Our community is what makes CoD look bad, we are the reason why 'mature' players barely play CoD because of immature bumholes think that they own CoD.

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                Some of the community is responsible for the selfish behaviour you mentioned, but those gamers are part of the future of this franchise, Treyarch/Activision in turn will cater for their needs.


                Anything that becomes as big as this game will be exploited by the masses, youtube has had a big effect on the community.


                The Developers could easily rectify the problem by creating a game that catered for a "mature gaming community"  But in doing so would they meet their sales targets?


                I still believe a large part of the community is good, hopefully Ghosts will turn out good.

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                    Exactly, the devs are catering for these, for a lack of a better word, kids and that's why it's really sad. The community is gaining more kids and losing mature gamers because of the unneccesary complaints the 'kids' make in order to make the game better in their eyes.

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                        Every game or game franchise will do that, it's called life.... We should be happy that there is no longer a negative stigma placed on adults playing games. I can't imagine my dad or his ilk EVER playing a video game. It's almost funny to think about it, really adults playing video games..... they are for all intents and purposes for kids, always have been and always will be. I'm just happy that as an adult i can still indulge myself a little

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                      In my opinion the community is one part of the reason, but i still blame the devs for the most part. They put out unfinished products with massive connectivity issues year after year, and also make game design decisions that cater the noobs and casual players too much.


                      Youtube is also a factor in all of this, kids see gameplay with a high amount of kills from a person ignoring the objective, quickscoping, trickshotting, trolling, etc., and they try to mimick it.


                      I guess we all have our own opinions on what's wrong with the game(s), i can get really pissed of too when i get a team full people ignoring the objective (or team mates that are all horrible while the opponents seem to know what they are doing), but on the other hand they are allowed to play the game the way they want to, even if we don't like it.

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                        goatforcce wrote:

                        For some reason COD attracts an immature gaming community


                        I don't see any clear way of the devs being able to rectify this problem, it isnt really something they can control.

                        I find what you write very true, and there is no real way they (the devs) can prevent idiots from playing. The reason they are there is the same reason we play this game its incredibly popular.


                        This particular game is more difficult (in my opinion) than previous games and that should have deterred a few from playing.

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                          I am glad to see that people agree with meon the community issue, however I think it is obvious that almost everybody who takes the time to use the forums is not just a casual gamer/kid/killwhore and are a little more serious about the game so opinions on here are likely to be shared.


                          Some good points being made about youtube etc having an influence and I think to a certain extent the devs have catered for these casual gamers because they know a lot of their sales lie with these people however as someone mentioned they have definitely taken steps in this game to make it harder and more objective based (i.e. scorestreaks rather than killstreaks, which is a fatastic addition).


                          I remember playing W@W and MW2 and the communit today is definitely a much more selfish and killwhore orientated one, I guess thats the price COD has payed for becoming popular.

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                            thats not true TBH.


                            the moment you have your game cater to certain types it will attract certain type of people.


                            MAG had no scorestreaks and perks and it basicially if you where not into team work you would not like that game.

                            It also had no leadersboards and crap like that so killwhores and such could never get aknowledgement for there so called OPness.

                            the MOST enjoyable part was that you could revive someone but my team always ignored those who decided to play for themselfs and tbh there where not alot of those at all.


                            The kind of game you make will attract a certain kind of crowd.

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                              I can't stand this, you get people on Domination that start throwing a hissy fit because you want to do the objective and capture C, while they just want to sit back and spawn kill to pad there stats, and to make sure tht other players on there team doesnt obtain any captures yourself. so they look so damn oped on the scoreboard so they can beat there chest. Be a team player the name of the game is Domination, go out and dominate them, dont just pad your damn stats. If you are playing an Objective based game give 100% not 66% and then start complaining when other people want to complete the objective. cant stand this type of player.

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                                Take kd stats out and that would fix some of the issue. What seems weird to me is it seems there has been a huge dropoff in people playing the objective from mw3 to bo2 . I played Dom and gw almost exclusively in both and the difference is huge. I won't lie, there have been a few games with random I've turned my mic on and asked if random would start ptfo and they did.  But 9 out of 10 times I get 4 squeakers telling me protecting an objective is camping and they want to practice 720 quick scopes or dolphin dive c4's.

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                                    Exactly. Make KDR stats only for TDM. Too many people worry more about their KDR than winning the game.


                                    I play Domination most of the time and with a party if I can. It never fails that the one guy on the losing team starts squawking about how much better he is even though he just lost the game, had 1 or no captures but had plenty of kills.


                                    People on video games are indicative of todays society. Most are selfish cowards that talk the most crap because they can hide behind an anonymous name and mic.


                                    I delete people from my friends list that don't play the objectives. They usually try to hang with groups that try to win while they flip spawns but almost never try to help cap flags, they say they are providing cover while you and others capture and hold. 

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                                    Its designed simply for kids look at all the stupid emblems and stats and now weapons emblems not to mention the scorestreak just to many....quickscoping and jumping around shot gun muppets all kids it screams look how good i am NOT....just for bragging rights in school. They dont notices things like the game still runs like a bag of shite for still thousands of us... Trayarch still after 10 plus updates still not addressed any of they hit detection issues. I still play wow,mw2,blackops1,and mw3... And you still get a pretty good game.... How can treyach get it so wrong is beyond me lets go back to basics......

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                                      I agree with the sentiment, but there is something Activision can do, stop telling the developers to create games aimed at children. I would play CoD if it were more life like but it isn't and isn't intended to be because children wouldn't play it so much.

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                                        It's Treyarch fault, because they thought a new texture-system, class-system are the only things the COD community needs haha

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                                          The slayers in gamemodes like Domination have a high K/D and SPM but 90% of the time their W/L is low as ****..

                                          And i rather have a high W/L team than a high K/D team. My k/d is around 0.70 and so is my w/l becuz i wanna have fun with funny classes (Riot shield + Axe + B-knife/Crossbow)

                                          and i don't give a piece of **** about my stats! ( searched them for u guyz!)

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                                            It's probably in part because of youtube because now everybody wants to be the next MB, Faze, Speedy...If you play this game to win nowadays you have a lot of things going against you, whether it's handless teammates, teammates constantly flipping spawns thinking their helping the team, people laying in the back of the spawn with TF or sniper rifles, etc. I just wish there was another FPS that could compete with CoD.

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                                              i agree cod's community is terrible, ive ran into this before with league of legends, it makes playing the games unbearable at times, but what can really be done about people like this, i mean you can mute them so you dont have to listen to them, but then you still have to play with them unless you leave game, which is no fun, there's just too many players that only care about individual stats, this game doesn't promote team work at all, and for the mature players who enjoy that it's a shame. good post!

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                                                What if, in order to push going ftw, in the next call of duties, you unlock things such as perks killstreaks, guns, etc. based upon objective gameplay. ex. for something like a perk, you would have to kill 20 attackers/defenders and you can choose the perk you want and it never goes away. You then have to kill another 20 to get another one. To unlock a gun you would have to capture/plant 25 objectives and unlock whatever you want. For a killstreak you would have to get 10 defends or captures in a game. and choose whatever you want. Your choices would be limited by your level of course.

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                                                  Treyarch's best work to date I believe is Black ops 1.  The maps were far less campy & the hit detection was decent.  I don't know what they were thinking when they designed this new one.  I mean most of the players just stand around a corner / behind a object.  Now in any COD title you can do that but this recent one just seems to favor campers.  I know many will say "well, that's your fault for rushing!"  That's the thing I'm not a rusher but I don't wait around either.  Not only that aspect but it seems like the devs need more time ( at least two years ) & I highly doubt Treyarch was given that ammount of time to develope this game.  It all boils down to "who owns..."  Follow the $.