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    The cheaters are here

      Seen wall hacks for a few months now.  Saw an aimbot and a new cheat tonight. 


      First, on the game end cam, Terminal.  Cheater is in the hallway, going from the plane to the lobby.  See's a guy in the bookstore, does a clockwise 360, shoots, misses.  Does a counterclockwise 280 or so, focuses on a guy on the roof, shoots, misses.  Clockwise 270, focus on the first guy, hits for the win.  This is in the final kill-cam, everybody in the game saw it.  I reported it, don't remember his name.


      Couple games later I was lucky enough to see a drone pop into the sky.  I run with the stinger in all classes.  Soon as that drone popped up I switched and tried to lock.  No lock.  Nobody shot me, for the whole 30 seconds that drone was in the air I kept trying to lock, switching weapons, trying to lock, etc.  I could not lock on that drone and it finally flew away.


      This game is most definately hacked now.