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    Assault Shield - Endless source of frustration.

      I'm sure there have been many threads about this, but I need to rant a bit.


      Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Assault Shield, it is one of my most-used setups, but there are some MAJOR issues with this "weapon" that need fixing.


      First off, the hit detection/lunge with the shield's melee option is a complete and utter disgrace. Who is in charge of making sure this **** works properly? They should be beaten down by a horde of authentic, and very angry riot police on bath salts. How is it that I can lunge straight ahead towards an enemy while they are directly in the middle of my screen and the melee hit will not register? Even when I'm standing behind people and try to melee them, it will not always work, with most of my attempts sending me right into them and not regiestering a hit or boosting me through/around them only to end up getting shot or knifed from behind.


      Additionally, I find it ludicrous that people can run up and thrust their knife DIRECTLY into the front of my shield and somehow their arm teletports through the solid metal/bulletproof glass barrier I am holding and slices me in the face and kills me. In what universe is that possible? Not to mention watching the killcams where morons with shotguns shoot directly into the center of my shield and I die instantly.


      I understand in a lot of cases the lag and compensation for such can factor into me facing some weird geometry issues and such, but it seems like shield-bearers do not get the benefit of the doubt in any case.


      Why the in the hell does this kind of tomfoolery continue to happen? I feel like since the shield is so marginalized, it receives no attention. If these issues affected a large portion of the community, they would be fixed immediately. Anyway, end of ******* rant. Does anyone agree in the slightest? :/