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    Probation and Kicking suggestion

      For the first time since probation was introduced I was sentence to 5 minutes probation some of my friends have been on it at least 10 times so I decided to post what myself and a few of my XB friends thought about the probation and what should be changed to improve it the exact same goes for being kicked when you accidentally kill a teammate.



      Being kicked from a server

      I have never intentionally killed a teammate in a game but it has happened and I'll admit there have been a few times where it was my fault but majority of the time it was the other players fault. I've had teammates run infront of me whilst am shooting at a group of enemies just to end up screaming WHY'D YOU DO THAT!!!! down the mic at them. I've even been TKed at the start of a game so here is my suggestions;


      1. If a Player kills a teammate within the first 10 seconds then he or she get kicked and put on 10 minute probation.
      2. If a Player walks into another teammate’s line of fire whilst he or she is shooting then it should not count toward a team kill and they should not be kicked or punished in any form.




      Probation is really good and it keeps players in check "most of the time" but it needs improved, Treyarch needs to implement some guidelines for the probation system so that when you leave or get kicked from a server it finds out why it happened and then determines your fate.


      1. If you experienced issues with the server (lag, C.I. etc...)
      2. If you lost your connection to the host.
      3. If you where the host. (10 minute probation)
      4. If you were kicked.
      5. If you none of the above and it was basicaly a rage quite then the first 2 times are freebies then 5 minutes, 10 minutes for the next so on until you hit 30 minutes and every 24 hours it get's reset so if you do it again the next day it will repeat this procedure.


      "Also just yesterday my entire team rage quited and it was me against the world on  HC DOM.. wasn't very nice but I stayed on until the end of the match and ended up with an even score but lost big time because they had people sitting at all the flags, anyways that's my reason for doing this "

      I would like your thoughts on the suggestions, to me personally this would just make it better for the players who are wrongly punished and a tougher sentencing for those who really deserve it

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          On your suggestions for improvement, I like point 1 and I'm okay with point 2 but in HC you are supposed to be controlling your fire.  So if you implement point 2 then you are taking away any incentive to do so and as such will only encourage team killing.


          Under your section entitled Probation, you are asking a lot and quite frankly it's beyond the scope of a game developer to troubleshoot your connection issues.  That's really your responsibility and if you are finding yourself in those scenarios regularly then you should take it upon yourself to correct the problems.  I think in a round about way the existing probation system encourages this by penalizing you for not having an adequate connection.

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              phxs72 wrote:


              you are supposed to be controlling your fire.  So if you implement point 2 then you are taking away any incentive to do so and as such will only encourage team killing.


              To somewhat I agree but it's not always easy I've been in situation where I'm aiming down site spraying a group of guy's and a teammate just jumped infront of me out of the blue didn't even see him until it was too late.. I don't think it would encourage team killing not if there was some sort of structure around it for example if you started shooting and 2-3 seconds later a teammate jumped infront of you.


              The way the kick system is at the moment to me could encourage trolling a few players go on and just walk infront of their teammates during open fire.

              phxs72 wrote:


              it's beyond the scope of a game developer to troubleshoot your connection issues.



              I rarely have problems with my connection "am on 120meg", but my problem with the server comes when ever the host migrates and the people that do get picked end up being the worst as majority of players "including those I play with" would complain about C.I's and lag and when I say rare I mean 1 in 50 chance of this occuring. I just thought it should be considered because it's not always the players fault.


              I also know that it sounds like am asking for much but all am hoping to do is figure out ways to make the probation system more beneficial. It needs to be firm but harsh on those who ruin the experience for others but also it needs to be gentler around the other players who don't intend to cause problems.

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                "...but in HC you are supposed to be controlling your fire..." mate did you ever played HC kill confirm? Especially on hijacked and nuketow 2025? Unpredictable respawn because everybody rushing towards the enemy, and I dont think I have time to read the players names in situations like when you here somebody coming from of you, its a big chance he is an enemy, and the player appear around the corner. But wow its my team mate because after 20 sec he was killed and he just respawn at the point where the enemy use to about 10sec ago. I have an idea. DISABLE teamkill treyarch!!! Or at least the scorestreak team kills. another possibilty to get 3 team kills, your funny team mate( because of the previous match you owned him) start shoting at your claymore, killing him self. and there is one more thing you can get 5 minutes probation time, twice(or more!) without playing game prove here>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrORqbRN_zk , I suppose its some glitch. Anyway my point is, people still back out/ dashboarding because they dont care. so whats the point? IT DOESN'T WORK and I PAYED MONEY FOR PLAY THIS GAME, I WANT PLAYING IT and NOT SIT AND WATCH THE COUNTDOWN on the screen. I Played COD since call of duty 3 but never ever was pissed off/frustrated/angry like I am with BO2 and treyarch!(mostly because of this probation time) and because of this, first since im playing call of duty, Im not planning to buy any more DLC for this game.(it could change if treyarch change their attitude towards players)

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                    To answer your question, yes I have played HC KC on Hijacked but not Nuketown 2025 yet.  Yes it is hectic but as someone pointed out to me years ago, if you are waiting for the name to pop up over someones head you are going to die a lot.  So I learned to pay attention to the uniforms which instantly tell me if someone is or is not on my team.  Sometimes accidents do happen but not enough for me to get probation.  To combat the trolls that like to shoot friendly equipment, don't run equipment that they can use against you.  That's what I do.  It's a shame that you have to do this but I'm a realist and I play solo a lot.  So I have to consider that some of my teamates are going to either be idiots, trolls, or just really bad at HC and I adapt to make it work for me.  One of the challenges of being good at HC is learning how not to kill your teamates dispite their flaws.


                    I like the probation system as is but if I were to add anything to it, it would be to punish those that habitually get killed by their teamates by running in front of their line of fire.  This would cut down on some of the trolling and maybe make some folks consider what they are doing a little more.  The downside, however, would be that the trolls would then just start teamkilling on purpose to get both themselves and the other player kicked.  Maybe what we really need is a stat tracker to permanently ban people from HC that get kicked too much.

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                    Make it so that if you kill a friendly with a kill streak, that doesnt count. cause when i call in a lodestar, and i jsut have it for a few seconds then i get kicked. or a hellstorm missile goes to far, or they run were my lightning strike is... theres just so much that isnt your fault when it comes to kill streaks.

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                      A Pig that flys

                      It's really hard to determine if a teammate walked infront of your shots intentionally or not. It's actually almost impossible. Getting kicked if you TK at the beggining of a game is understandable, but it takes away the fun of being able to troll in hardcore (not me specifically, but MinnesotaBurns) which is funny to hear everyone rage


                      And they did fix probation to where it only counts if you rage quit often or dashboard often. Lagging out, host dashboard, connection interuption (unless you're the host) don't count towards probation.

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                        Problem is HC needs to be for the HC only. I recommend to stay out if you can't handle it.

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                          I'm not a fan of probation. The times I quit are because of lag. I shouldn't be punished because the host has a crappy connection. I don't like being made the host either, because it nerfs my gameplay by introducing more lag. That's been my personal experience regarding hosting, so don't bother arguing the point.


                          I'm not a fan of player hosted matches either. If they can't get into dedicated servers for online playing then they should get out of the business. At least with dedicated servers, I know that if my gameplay is laggy it's because of MY connection.

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                              Personally I love probation but like any system sometimes a tweak here and there needs to be done just to perfect it even more.


                              I agree that players shouldn't be punished for server side issues (Lag, C.I, Lost connection to host) but if the issue is client side then it's the players responsibility to sort it or seek help in order to resolve the issue.


                              As phxs72 said

                              That's really your responsibility and if you are finding yourself in those scenarios regularly then you should take it upon yourself to correct the problems.  I think in a round about way the existing probation system encourages this by penalizing you for not having an adequate connection.



                              If they can't get into dedicated servers for online playing then they should get out of the business

                              From the PC side of things yes dedicated servers all the way, but it also means "just like counter-strike" players have to purchase and maintain their own dedicated servers so it would end up costing people money just to host servers and if no one was willing to pay for a dedi server then there would be no game play unless it was LAN.  As for consoles unfortunately it would be extremely hard to provide dedicated server "That I am aware of I personally don't know if it's been done for FPS games".

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                                  Uhhh, hello? Battlefield uses dedicated servers. With BF3 they started renting out servers to players. There is no shortage of servers. Because the renters get to design the game with their server, it's inspired a lot of players to rent them. I'm sure COD would have no problem finding players to rent servers.


                                  Plus. the developer for Battlefield 3. DICE, also runs lots of dedicated servers in addition to the servers rented by players. I think that Activision just doesn't want to deal with the development of dedicated servers because of cost and maintenance. But, given the millions of dollars they make on these games, there's really no excuse for not running COD on dedicated servers.


                                  You would think that with COD's tiny maps, they might not need dedicated servers. But, with the laggy gameplay I've experienced - on very fast connections - it's clear that such servers would help. And everyone would be able to enjoy the connection they pay for. It's quite simple actually. And very logical.

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                                      Didn't know this "never played bf and only one of my friends have it on PC so dedi servers are expected from that point of view"


                                      But I decided to do a little bit of reading into it.. and well.. it doesn't look good I mean like I said before price wise it would have to be affordable each month not everyonne has the money to spend on a dedicated server for xbox or ps3.. as for treyarch hosting multiple dedicated servers yeah.. I would agree on that. But allowing players to rent servers on consol seems to be a big no no DICE seems to be losing some of their fan base as players are able to kick people which means a descent player who pisses off the admin by killing him or her too many times could end up kick banned from servers..




                                      Perhaps treyarch aren't taking that route because of the downfall BF3 had with dedi servers on consoles.. Still think it's a good idea but it comes with a lot of problems which treyarch probably thinks aren't worth the risk.

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                                  Something they need to do is before they put you on probation, they have to make sure that you quit the game. Multiple times, I lagged out of the game because the host rage quit and there weren't any other great connections and it put me on probation. Treyarch needs to fix this. Whenever I play HC, this happens.

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                                    Probation needs to go away, until treyarch is serious about keeping cheaters out of the game.  I will always dashboard when a cheater is just killing everyone and can't be kill.  I work to hard to keep my kill death ratio aove 1.00, just to have it destroyed but a low life cheater.  Treyarch do your job, and keep the cheaters off the game, then I won't dashboard.  Until do away with probation! I do 5 minutes of probation anytime, if it means a cheater didn't lower my kd. treyarch you need to have dedicated servers!

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                                        Since COD maps are very small compared to BF3 maps, dedicated servers should improve gameplay immensely. Yes the rented servers on BF3 do allow its renters to kick people they don't like. But that's no reason for COD not to have them.


                                        I distinctly remember a video interview with an Infinity Ward rep who said they would look at player experience with MW2 to see if they would need to go the way of dedicated servers. Well, I think they should try it again. It can only reduce lag and allow players who have better connections to actually enjoy their connections, instead of getting screwed by Lag Compensation.