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    Prizes for league play.


      So far only one season of league has given teams something to win for finishing on top of the competition. The top 8 teams won a spot in the million doller tournament. Why did it have to stop there. Why not give out prizes every season? It doesn't have to be cash. It could be free copies of the next COD, BO2 controllers, headsets, gun camos, Microsoft points, gift cards, t-shirts, hats, jackets, exc.


      I think the top 16 teams from masters division should win something. And the top 8 should get an additional something. Top 4 would hat an additional something and # 1 should gat a grand prize. But I doubt this will happen but it would help bring more people into league play and make it that much more competitive.

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          It would be great if Treyarch gave out prizes every season to the top teams. I completely agree with everything you said. The only potential problem would be an increase in cheaters because now there would be a prize on the line.

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            But Treyarch wouldn't make money off of that so it won't be happening. League Play has long since had absolutely 0 incentive and thus the failure. XP is about the only draw, but to a Prestige Master like myself, that matters absolutely none. Throw in the fact that I cannot complete challenges in League Play and it's a big "what for?" situation.


            The thrill of tougher competition! LOL nope, everywhere headglitchers, campers, and any other bogus playstyle some nerd can cook up to get a W or else they dashboard. The very concept of a W/L based ladder system where the W/L is decided by the host is asanine. Great thinking 3arch.


            O no! 5 minute probation! Lol they will be back in there dashboarding you into a loss in no time flat. Takes longer than 5 minutes to find a match sometimes, so they might even make it into your lobby consecutively.

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                JSlayer211 wrote:


                But Treyarch wouldn't make money off of that so it won't be happening.


                I don't know about that.  If it continues to push the competitive game scene, then I think they would see value.


                Problem is that the "best" team is not really depicted here.  The team that plays the most and wins the most will rule the day.  But I can see the concept in rewarding them for their effforts.


                The playlist has been dead though.  I think last night there might have been 2,500 people playing when I looked, that was just around 1% of the player base.

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                They could do prizes but they won't.

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                  owiseguyo asked how would people cheat? Well, there's ip flooding, there's lag switching, etc. There are plenty of ways that people can cheat to win more games, thus earning more xp and getting higher in their division.