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    Thank you for ARMS RACE! TDM is worth playing again!

      I just had to post about arms race and show my support. It reminds me of black ops 1. It's finally possible to get high scorestreaks in TDM! Before I couldn't ever get our clan to play tdm because they couldn't get worthwhile scorestreaks now everyone wants to play. It's about time. It only took adding 50 points per kill to make this game just right on tdm! Before we always ran low streaks whenever i could get someone to play tdm like boring guardians and sentries. Now we  can get vtol and swarm. I just made this post because of the people already flaming the update saying it's trivial but it totally changes the gameplay of tdm. Just my two cents that's all. I am looking for more people to play this gametype with me to by the way hit me up on live u camp i knife.