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    Serious Complaint From A Serious Customer

           I have paid for both Elite and now the Season Pass, and I have been very satisfied with both until recently. The maps are good, the extra gun is good, however I believe that Tryarch/Activision and I strongly disagree on the definition of “All Content” this season.


           When I bought the season pass I was under the understanding that I was entitled to all content that was purchasable during the “Black Ops 2 Season”. This, to me, meant any extra content available for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 would instantly become mine whenever it was released.


            You can imagine my surprise when I was asked to pay EVEN MORE for things as silly as Weapon Camouflages, Reticles, and Gamer card photos? Are these not bits of DLC for call of duty black ops 2? As a season pass holder, I feel completely jipped! I will be emailing technical support asking the same question in a more professional manor, however, I ask NAY urge you (my fellow season pass holders) to ponder the same question. Why are we paying for content when we have already pre-paid for all future content at the beginning of the season?


      Looking forward to others thoughts on this matter