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    MORE WEAPONS incoming... It's no Fake!!!!!!

      So... again sorry for my ennglish, i'm Brazilian =s
      The guy that discovered the Uprising, BFBR (or Vitor Lorega) is back with new information about a new DLC or Micro DLC... I don't know yet. Yesterday i for something in the codes of BO2 web site and i found this. This is not fake, if you want to see just follow the instructions! I don't know if this code is always there or came a few days ago, but if you see, there's a space for a new tab of DLC on the web site...



      Intructions: In Google Chrome click with the right button on the page of dlc, "Inspect Element", go to "Resoucers", Crtl + F and type for "Weapons" ou "Pack".






      And before you say: "But Treyarch say there will be no more weapons via download"

      I Say: Treyarch says no weapons for Uprising.