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    For all those HC players who QQ


      With friendly fire in HC modes it's pretty common to accidentally shoot a teammate who runs in front of you while you're shooting at an enemy.  It's also pretty common to hit and kill teammates using Scorestreaks like Lightning Strike or Hellstorm Missile. It's ALSO common to accidentally kill a teammate while trying to flush the enemy out of a camping/sniping spot with a grenade, etc. Sometimes people are sneaking around a corner scoping and get spooked at waist level by someone running up on them and accidentally fire (I know this has happened to me while trying to unlock my last Bloodthirsty camo for Diamond on my SMGs; I got a little trigger happy).


      Don't reply to this thread saying, "Oh that never happens to me. I never team kill. You shouldn't be playing HC modes if you can't tell the difference between an enemy and a teammate!" cuz that's BS and you know it.


      To all of those who are being team killed and either just agitated or having your climb to a Swarm (yeah right) restarted, it's not always on purpose. Not everyone has a mic on their face to say, "Sorry man." or ,"Hey, don't f***in run in front of me while I'm unloading on an enemy dumba**!" Either way, get the sand out of your fachina and take that anger out on the other team. Or on people who purposely kill teammates to steal their care packages that only end up being a Counter-UAV or War Machine anyway. Man up and quit sounding like a buncha little babies or the Core players are gonna start making fun of us

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          This has to be a troll. Any HC vet knows 95% of TK are avoidable. If you cant figure it out, play with some vets to show you how its done. Or just go back to core...

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              Not a troll. I've been playing HC modes since beginning of MW3. If you have some tips on how NOT to shoot someone on your team who runs across your screen while you're dropped down prone to shoot an enemy right in front of you then please, clue me in.


              For the nades, well it's not my fault if a teammate doesn't know to run the f away when one is near them. Or to NOT run towards one, then..c'mon.


              As for Scorestreaks, I think they're mostly avoidable. Obviously you don't drop a Lightning Strike in an area with green. But, there are times when it gets dropped and the spawn will flip. Just saying.


              Go back to core? Core sucks, always will. Never.



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                  The one instance you mentioned(teammatw running into your fire) is part of the 5% that there isnt much you can do about. Your only option is to play with parties. As far as Score streaks, well again your best bet is to play with a team if atleast 3-4. When you have a team of this size you can control your teams spawn almost completely. Thus negating any chances of the team flipping the spawn into your LS. That problem should only really occur on smaller maps any way (nuketown/hijacked).


                  If you have only played HC since MW3 I would recomend finding a team of vets willing to play with you and show you how spawn control,anchors etc work. Thats about the best advice i can give you bud.

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                Thats why I quit lonewolfing on hardcore. I never used explosives on hardcore because you risk teamkilling with them You might try calling out before you toss them. I got to the point when someone threw in their grenades I would just let them kill me and not alter my course or try to escape. If someone called out that they were going to toss a frag I would hold back.

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                  HC TKs happen, but only a fool thinks they are completely unavoidable.


                  It frustrates me too, just like anyone else... but if they apologize and use more caution during the rest of the game I am OK with it.