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    New gametype ideas?

      Maybe we could do a community playist like MW3 did. Here are some ideas:


      Team Gun Game.

      6v6 with gun game rules. (Every time you get a kill you get the next weapon)

      Twist: A team can only get points by getting a kill w/ the ballistic knife, (The last weapon) instead of getting points as you progress.

      So basically, it's whoever can get to the ballistic knife quickest and get many kills with it wins.

      No scorestreaks.




      Rules: You get points by getting a bloodthirsty medal. (First to 5 bloodthirstys maybe?)

      Twist: If someone is one off a bloodthirsty, they will appear on the enemy radar like a vsat. (Constant view on the radar w/ direction shown)

      No lethal scorestreaks

      This is all about getting bloodthirties asap, so this is more inclined to the better players.




      Round based (First to 4 wins)

      One player on each team is randomly chosen as the 'King'

      The 'King' has a marker on top of his head with refreshes evey few seconds. (Like in CTF, if someone has the flag, they will have a marker over their head, which refreshes every few secs)

      A team wins if the enemy's team 'King' is killed.

      Respawn delay on non-kings

      No scorestreaks (They can kill the King instantly, which wont be fun)

      This imo can be fun, it's all about attack and defence.


      Let me see what you think.

      Hopefully, if the ideas are good, treyarch might consider them.

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          Re: New gametype ideas?

          I would rather have them edit how Team Defender works and made it more like Oddball from Halo.  First team to 150 points wins.  Every second holding the flag counts as a point on the scoreboard.  You have to kill the flag carrier to pick up the flag.


          I would also like to see Sabotage make a return with updated rules, including spawn delay.


          One Flag CTF where only one side has a flag and consists of 4 rounds 2 minute rounds.  Over time is the first to capture the neutral flag.


          Neutral CTF where the flag is in the middle(or Dom's B-flag) and you have to take it back to your base, this gamemode should not have a spawn delay.  2 rounds flipping sides.


          A gamemode where team members can only use a specific class of weapon: 2 can only use SMGs, 2 can only use ARs, and the other 2 cannot be the same as each other, 1 shotgunner, 1 sniper, or 1 LMG.  You cannot have 2 people with snipers, 2 shotgunners, or 2 LMGs.

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            Re: New gametype ideas?

            first 2 are just more variations of TDM, TDM imo, is not fun at all. if the ONLY objective of the game is to kill the other person more....its just not fun, how do you counter that? camping!


            CoD really needs to stop with all this CQC midset because it gets stale bery quick, there is only so much you can do in a small area


            kings sounds somewhat ok, but i really think they need to add vehicles, no not like BF3 where some of the maps are completly DOMINATED by vehicles (jets, choppers), but if anybody remembers SOCOM back on PS2, the ground vehicles were very balanced. game modes like Cargo (might be wrong) one team had 2 cargo vehicles they had to transport to the other side of the map, while the attacking team had a few jeeps with machine guns on the back or 1-2 tanks to counter.


            cargo was by far my favorite game mode i have ever played. only down side was no respawns. maybe if they limited the amount of respawns in a cargo round per vehicle and per player it would be very fun again. ending up a 1v1 with a cargo vehicle on fire as its driving towards the goal, and all that is left is 1 player with a gernade and a few bullerts?? ******* intense!


            BF is on the right path with the size of maps, game modes like Rush. which is 10x better than demo, unlocking bigger vehicles the farther you progress, mainly because the size of the map increases each time you sucsessfully detonate both bombs.


            who says domination needs to have 3 flags only? Conquest in BF3 is fun, on big maps there are up to 5 flags. even conquest on metro has 3 flags, and that map is 10x bigger than any CoD map


            if ground vehicles were slowy introduced, make sure rpgs can take out a jeep fairly easily, add in land mines as well, CoD can surely start to create more game modes. if they continue down the CQC path, not adding any vehicles, hell even a dirt bike or 4 wheeler in BF3 is enjoyable to get from place to place.


            cod is goign smaller, which limits what they can do game mode wise, sure the graphics are better, but even that gets stale very quick, but BF3, conquest and rush is fun as hell on the right maps

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              Re: New gametype ideas?

              I like the creativity you used with these ideas.


              For TDM Gun Game, I personally feel as if it isn't the greatest idea. However, I really like your idea with Bloodrush. If I don't see it in Black Ops II, I wouldn't mind it being in Call of Duty: Ghosts. I also like where you're going with Kings, but I think it can be "modified." I liked what Infinity Ward did in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Team Defender. I personally feel as if Kings is a modification of Team Defender.


              Just my two cents...

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