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        440. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008


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          441. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

          What do you mean you don't post? Still liking the Wii U? I finally finished all the challenges in WaW.  We'll see where I go from here. Oh, I love all the vids you guys are putting up.


          Hey to all the clan.



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            442. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

            WARPIG?! I must be seeing things! What a nice surprise to see you on here! I MISS YOU and so does everyone else!


            I really LOVE my nintendo wii u. The developers made a really nice console. I love how easy it is to add people to my friends list and the way nintendo network is set up it's easy to keep in touch with everyone. You can private message people and see what games everyone is playing. =)


            I'm not going to lie about my opinion towards Black Ops 2. The game can be a lot of fun with the right connection, but according to everyone across all platforms there is lag compensation + the camera angles are a little off. The game makes me scream at times (not joking). lol


            We miss playing games with you. We hope on the Wii every now and again. what times do you usually play WAW? Maybe we can get on there and game with you. =)


            We will be uploading my montage video really soon. King is in the middle on working on a new video for himself. Looks awesome. =)


            Take care! Hope to talk to you soon! Hope you and your wife is doing well. =)

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              443. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

              WAR PIGGLES?!?!?!?!


              nice to see you on here man.


              naise job on getting all the heads on WAW...hows it feel to finally finish the game?


              like Queen said, i love my wiiU too.


              we all miss you and CC.


              your skype still work? lol


              talk to you later man.

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                444. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

                I still game 3-4 times a week. CC is down and out. Lost interest I guess. Apparently the xbox wasn't enough to keep the fire lit. I probably game too early for you. I'm on from 7:30-9:30pm if I'm on at all.


                Feels good to finally finish everything on WaW. I'm still considering getting a WiiU but have to see how things develope here. My wife wants to be a Dr. and might be going to school for the next 5 years so that means I have to support us and $$$ will be tight but we're not there yet so......


                Keep the vids coming they look better and better.

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                  445. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

                  oh ok.


                  sucks about CC...the U is fun if you game with good players.  like Queen and me always get paired up with guys who are at the bottom of the barrel.


                  im talkin guys who camp and die all the time no matter what they are doing....go 3-20 each game.


                  I hope you do get a U, it'll be fun to have more competent guys running with us.


                  Its cool your wife wants to be a Dr.


                  ...and you're right, thats gonna be some $ going to Doc's school.


                  you should check out frys electronics and toys r us for U deals.


                  seems as if the retailers are getting tired of slow sales so they are slashing prices of the console and the games and even bundling them at crazy prices.


                  Queens new montage is coming out soon and then mine after hers.  keep an eye out, lol.


                  later Pigs!

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                    446. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

                    So I was at CC's house the other day. He just moved into a new home so things were kind of chaotic, things in boxes needed to get unpacked, etc.... we go into the new game room he has set up. He has a new futon that he shows me and how comfortable it will be when he's gaming. I told him we need to get on and hook up with you guys and he was wanting to go for it. Maybe he's not down and out after all.


                    I'll start to keep my eyes open for any deals on the wii u systems. CC tells me the sales are really slow especially with the "other guys" getting ready to launch their next gen consoles soon.

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                      447. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

                      man i sure hope hes not down and out, we need support on the U. 


                      9v9 ground war is so freaking awesome, but it sucks when you get bottom of the barrel people who dont do anything but die. 


                      at least take out a UAV or CUAV or something! lol.


                      yeah, the sales are really slow but starting to pick up now, i think the word of mouth is working.


                      dont rush into gettin a U though, take care of what you need to take care of, we will always be here waiting for you guys.


                      IMPORT traded in his Ps3 for the U.


                      Ferny is supposed to pick up a U along with Decoy also.


                      I would love to have you and CC, my co-leaders, on the U too, but im sure it will be worth the wait.


                      the worst part is over as far as connections and wiimote scehemes being all messed up goes, a lot of stuff was fixed so you guys dont have to experiences what we went through the first few months of the game being released.


                      oh yeah....



                      HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111

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                        448. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

                        what a scrub clan...GOML




                        question..was the "first commentary" scripted? sounded like it to me..

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                          449. Re: 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008



                          wasnt scripted, but there were somethings that were re done cuz of audio quality.


                          it was our first shot, next one will be better.


                          new montage drops in 7 days.

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