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    How Many Golds Do You Need For Diamond?


      Hello all it's your favorite camper here asking the CoD community how many guns do you need to get your class diamond?  At first I was like I'm not going for diamonds but after I made master prestige I started working on my Assault Rifles for diamond.



      I have 6 out of 9 AR's gold and 3 left before diamonds. I need my M27, type25 and M8A1 gold before I unlock diamond. I know some of you already have diamond so I guess you don't have to respond unless its helpful! How many guns do you have left to make gold? What's the one you are saving for last because its horrible to use? I'm waiting last to do the type25 almost done with the m27 and it was not easy at first. My biggest problem is getting thru the head shots. When its time for no perks or attachments things get better. I just want diamonds for my FAL, so I'm going for it.



      That type 25 and M8A1 is gonna be a biotch to get gold! One mind says eff the diamonds and just go back using your FAL but I feel I came so far by messing up my KD using guns I usually wouldn't use. Keep on pushing!