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    Need a ps3 clan

      Hello, I'm Seth . Im 13 but I'm not immature !

      Well, I need a clan but I get on from 3:30 to 6:00 about every weekday (I get on A LOT during weekends) and that's central time.

      Here is my stuff about me

      -kd 1.07 (I was getting my b23r gold so it went down a bit)

      -I have a mic

      -play search and destroy mostly

      -And like to have fun :)

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          Re: Need a ps3 clan

          whats up seth check out our clan page i think you will fit in well

          UTD Mean~Shadows is recruiting. We are a try hard clan during clan ops, but during the wee we are laid back

          Every clan op we rank within the top 600 clans out of 28,000 that usually enlist. We've ranked as high as the top 60s


          Must have a kd of 1.0 or higher

          have a mic

          be 14 years old or older

          and not talk **** to fellow clan members and no hackers


          we have a strong 25 members right now we want to get up to at least 40 members so message me on psn

          riad835sbm for a try out

          I am the co- clan leader so try outs with me then we will talk to our clan leader


          any question message me

          also post out psn name and KD on this message board and I'll get in contact with you too


          Check out our clan page




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              Re: Need a ps3 clan

              Psn SethTheMan23

              Kd 1.07

              I got my B23R Gold yesterday so it went down a point or two...

              I would like to join the clan, seems cool .

              Well thanks I will message you on Psn for the tryouts . :D

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              Re: Need a ps3 clan

              what is your psn name

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