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      Why is it that about 90% of the games I play I have the absolute worst call of duty players in the world (and when I say in the world I mean it, 0-20, final score for one of my teammates earlier today, AND WAS USING A SMG) on my team, and the #1 pro's on the opposing team? I was having good runs on zombies and switched over to multiplayer to find my first game to be frustrating because I have to carry my team to victory (when I wanted to try and have fun and level up my ksg). After that I go to the next round where we end up having 2 people on my team spawning and firing all their bullets off into air until someone comes and kills them and repeats.  Next round, my team sucks so bad that there's no way even with me going flawless that I could bring us back.  Last and final game before I quit and then shut off my xbox, I join a game where someone has the same gun as me, with a silencer on it. Every gun battle I encountered with this person I lost.  My accuracy was on point DID NOT MISS A SHOT, AND got my shots on him first (he was firing at someone else also neither of us got headshots), yet he kills me so fast that I only end up getting a 25 assist if he is killed by a teammate.


      Also for those of you who say play mercinary moshpit or ffa, I HAVE.  It is no different in those gametypes, especially FFA.  Yes I do A LOT better at FFA, but the shitty part about FFA is that all it comes down to WHO CAN KILL THE NOOBS THE FASTEST?!?!?


      I just really wish there was a better skill based matchmaking for this game, I know league play exists, but playing that solo is even worse than playing core solo.  It's just so much fun getting 2 minutes into a game and realizing that your teams score is the same exact number as the kills you currently have.\\\



      Also, yes, I have my bad games AND I KNOW when I'm doing poor, I even tell myself ahh bad accuracy or ahh I shouldn't have done that.  But when I'm not missing a shot and getting the first shots in EVEN WITH an AN-94 sometimes, it blows my mind.  And then the people have the nerve to talk crap...


      UGhhhhhh rant, rant rant...






      The whole purpose of this thread was to try and connect with some people out there in the community that feel the same pain as me, and hopefully help ease my suffering... Maybe even find a team of people who are good at the game and play all the time... That would be nice..

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          That's why playing in a party is a better experience than playing solo.


          We were all noobs once when we started COD so give these players a break. If you don't like playing with them, party up more.

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              vims1990 wrote:


              That's why playing in a party is a better experience than playing solo.


              We were all noobs once when we started COD so give these players a break. If you don't like playing with them, party up more.

              I agree, we were all beginners at one time or another...0-20, might of been boosting or playing against wiseguy

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                  If someone is a noob on my team I would rather they just camp (in tdm). It's the players who rack up more than 10 deaths per game of tdm that cause losses.

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                      number of deaths doesn't matter if you have more kills than deaths then you helped your team in tdm. 25 and 10 is a good score and will help your team as the other players only need to get 50 more kills or 10 kills each but each of them can have up to 11 deaths.

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                  I know you caveated it out in your OP, but still that's one reason I play almost exclusively FFA.  In FFA, there's a much better chance that, if I play well, it translates into a mark in the W column.  I switched to TDM for a few rounds last night just to see if I could still compete there.  Did pretty well, kdrs well above 2 for the couple of rounds I played...but they were all losses.  Teammates were terrible (and I certainly don't claim to be very good, just average).  Frustrating to play well and not get the W.


                  "Play with a party" just isn't realistic for a lot of people.  I had 4 friends that used to play, but they all quit a couple months ago.  I've started building out my XBL friends list w/ randoms that seemed to be less annoying than other randoms I've played with, but...meh.  Just can't get excited about partying up with randoms.

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                    honestly i play solo just for this reason

                    the worse my team is + the better the other team is = more fun for me

                    i can pick up 5 people randomly whenever i want but i just don't find it challenging

                    i don't really care about losing because of teammates as long as i feel like the game was a challenge

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                        I understand this POV and certainly wouldn't fault you for it.  When my team is on the losing side of a 75-45 game and I still do well, it's much more meaningful than doing well while on the team that did the stomping. Still, I desire that W.  Perfect scenario ofc is:


                        - a close game, and

                        - your team gets the win, and

                        - you also do well personally (kdr for tdm)


                        ah, dare to dream...

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                        Well this game does use skill based matchmaking if that tells you anything. 

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                          I remember my first ever match of CoD. I went like 4-10 or something like that in TDM, and I had never played any of the maps before. I play with randoms now who have already prestiged, which means that they should know how to aim and shoot by now, who go like 8-30. It's ridiculous. Maybe they put a good player on a team full of retards to help balance them out.

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                            When I fist started playing COD, it was MW2...No matter how hard I tried not get killed, I was still the guy going 2-15 or 1-12.


                            Changed days now, but newbies have to start somewhere.

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                              I love those! Oh... wait... read the title wrong... my bad.


                              You can't control what others do. Even playing with one other person can really change the experience. Network a bit, branch out, join a gaming community, and play in a party... makes a huge difference.


                              When you can't, which will happen of course.. do the best to be the kind of teammate you want the others on your team to be. Call out positions, call out deaths, call out your spawn. Communicate clearly to the others. I have had the good fortune of typically being the guy who carries my squad at times in this game, but in past games I was the guy who was the burden on the team, and it still happens in this game from time to time.


                              Control what is in your power. You have the ability to get like-minded players to party up with if you use your resources. You can play the way you would want your teammates to play.


                              And if a lobby is just downright hopeless... you can finish the game and then leave that lobby for a new one.