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        60. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

        This game does have ALOT of good things about it but until they sort out the Lag comp/matchmaking then this game will be a complete disappointment ! And probably my worst title as at the end of the day connections make or break an online game !

            They won't even admit there's a problem ??? Lol Christ MW3 got a matchmaking update the other day !!! As far as I'm concerned if your not playing LAN and in MLG Vondarhaar/Treyarch DONT CARE !!!!

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          61. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

          Play TDM if the killstreks are too much for you.  Or if you like objective game modes you could try CTF but I'd advise partying up for that.

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            62. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

            75%(based off of my experience) of people quit when one team is completely destroying them in any way, shape, or form.  The only thing to prevent people from quiting is to start taking a different approach to matchmaking.

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              63. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

              When I play against people, they usually quit when they start doing bad. They'll try their hardest to camp and go positive, but when it becomes obvious that they're going to go negative, they leave. It's sad really.

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                64. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                In theory, you would think that adding probation would stop people from backing out of games a lot more than in previous games.


                Just to show that the CoD community is completely confusing, it seems as though people are backing out more now than ever.


                It's to the point where I don't even run streaks higher than the EMP systems anymore, because I feel that almost every time that I do, the other team backs out and it just doesn't seem to be any point in developing those long streaks only to try and aim a Lodestar, or a VTOL at one or two people.


                On the other side - if you aren't having fun in teh game, why stay? I get on to play and have fun, and getting shat on isn't fun.


                I get both sides.

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                  65. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                  Quitters are going to quit regardless of what killstreaks are there and regardless of what stomping you are doing or not.


                  I have seen people leave when they go negative even if they are on the winning team.


                  They want to quit then fine, but sooner or later they wonder why they are stuck by themselves.

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                    66. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                    l don't have much of a problem countering any of the score streaks. Yeah, you might die once or twice before you get control of the situation, but the player that earned the treak deserves a little glory for his/her effort.


                    If anything needs to be adjusted with score streaks I would say they need to be as hard to earn in all game modes as they are in TDM. I play mostly HCTDM and you do see all the streaks, but nowhere near as often as you do in some of the other game modes.


                    As for players leaving the game. I've always said that they should do away with stat tracking or at least make them only available to the player, not to the community.

                    Most players leave to protect stats. Yeah, connection and hit detection is an issue but a lot of players that leave would stay in the game if it wasn't going to make their stats look like they suck.


                    I know they will never change the stat availability in this game. To many players are in it only for the stat bragging and those virtual BJs they think they are going to get for having a 4.5kd + 600spm.


                    Don't think it would make a difference ? Go play in the training playlist and see. I play there a lot just because so many more random players go for the objective and stick it out when getting crushed.


                    Anyway, just my opinion and felt like typing a bit.


                    Go play, have some fun, ignore stats and have a drink or five. Life is too short to give a crap about anything to do with a game.

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                      67. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                      Probation is a joke it is only 5 minutes. that is nothing to even worry about or even give a second thought to when you get it. Bungie tried it with Halo Reach and it had little to no effect on people leaving their games either. Those who rage quit will not stop becuase of it ever. Those who pad k/dr will not stop since it only gives a loss and does not affect k/dr at all.


                      It is nothing more than a minor slap on the wrist so is easily ignored and even can be gotten around by justing jumping game modes. Get it core/hardcore go to league or zombies or custom matches and continue to play. Get in league first, go to hardcore or core and continue to play. Play just one maybe two full matches and it is up and over with.

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                        68. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                        I can't remember who I was talking to about the upper streaks, but now I have to say I know what he means.


                        I haven't bothered with em since I am way less than cautious with my rushing. Last night I decided to with the Warthog on HCKC. I got it the first game I used it and got a whopping 2 kills with it!! I kept getting 1-3 kills before dumping it and putting Sentry as my last streak again which does much better on average.


                        Once I unlock some more streaks I might revisit it. Maybe VSAT, Warthog and Lodestar.

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                          69. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                          Sentry guns.


                          I just realized that Ghost doesn't help.

                          That Blind-Eye doesn't help.

                          AND that Cold-Blooded doesn't help.


                          I had a class where I only run a primary weapon with one attachment, a stinger secondary and 5 perks -- just to be able to handle any killstreak with one class.

                          I guess I have to sacrifice a perk for EMP grenades

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