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        50. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

        Definitely think there is much more drop-out in BO2. I personally see it as connectivity more than killstreaks. It doesn't bother me at all when "migrating hosts" pops up. Been there, done that, I can relate.

        I personally don't think this particular game should be tweeked but I would like the next title to stray away from instant spawn death from killstreaks.

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          51. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

          I semi agree that the higher end scorestreaks are a major reason why people leave matches, but then again why did they permit the other team to obtain them? Who's fault is it really?

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            52. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

            So, the question is why does this version 'suck' compared to its predecessors?


            Maybe it's just connectivity, but I suspect it's more than that.


            I don't recall host migrations being so problematic in BO1 (or the MW series).  As indicated in my previous post, ad-hoc checking indicates drop outs tend to occur on the side who've just received a high-end streak.  That's why I conclude these streaks are contributing to rage quits.  Done enough times, and players get into a habit of rage quitting (which increases its frequency).  This is why I think BO2 has a particular problem with drop-outs.

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              53. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

              Reasons I rage quit:


              • Getting shot around corners
              • When I'm host and it takes 7 hit markers to kill someone and they tap the trigger and i die.
              • When a camper gets his high scorestreaks. I don't mind them when someone "earns" them. (capturing objectives ect.)
              • A team of blackxworm wannabes. If I'm host I wait and let them get their streaks then dashboard. These people are the cancer of cod.
              • When my team is just absolutely horrible
              • When a pistol outpowers my assault riffle


              I don't mind losing and usually stay in games. I just can't stand the stuff mentioned above.

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                54. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                I'm the type of player who can't stand quitters! I even made a topic about it!


                With that being said, I never in my life been through sniper hell than what I see in BO2!


                I don't know what's going on! I refuse to believe that people are more skilled with it, there's something else going on! In BO1 I somehow was able to manage them and kinda "respected" them when they did their thing. But now!?!


                And it's not just 2 people, it's the whole team with tactical insertion at flag B! The whole team!


                It didn't happen many times that we've won games like that, and as sad as it sounds but those games I don't even know what emotion I should have!


                Other than that, I've been through swarms / dogs combos and the reason I stay is simply for the fact that I used to be that guy in BO1 and I hated when everybody left so I do my fellow man "a favour".


                By the way, MANY games we ended up winning anyway!

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                  55. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                  Also I said it before, I think i.c.m. with everything that has been said.. this game is filled with BEGINNERS! 8 year olds who for their first time in their life playing COD or any type of fps.


                  Those who are with me on WAW, ya'll could confirm. The rate of ending a game was WAY HIGHER and I think it's because of the fact that WAW wasn't that "popular / well known" with the people who have no business playing these type of games.


                  Don't get me wrong, n00bs always been there but it seemed like the avarege age was higher and the willing to play was higher!


                  Take away candy from your little brother and he starts crying, these type of players become dominant! They can't take anything so they leave, turn off their Xbox or dashboard.


                  And again, I'm not saying it's ONLY them.. but on top of what we already had THEY COME ON TOP OF THAT!

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                    56. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                    Hah, I usually do stick it out when I have a horrible team. Afterword I'll usually wait to see if I get stuck with them again and I'll leave if I do. But if I play a couple games and can't win due to my team being bad, I'll leave. I've just given up on some lobbies. You can't expect someone to keep playing when they don't really have a chance in hell at winning. I don't know how many times I've seen a green arrow looking in the direction I got shot from then watch my killcam only to see they didn't even shoot at the person. If that keeps happening in a game, I'll quit. I can't watch every direction and I refuse to just camp it out to finish a game. I don't typically get mad about people leaving a game, because I know there are plenty of instances of deaths that shouldn't happen. If you get upset over people leaving the game it shows as much of a lack of maturity as you feel those that are leaving have.

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                      57. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                      From my experience the average player is much worse in this release than any I have played before. Typically lobbies would have 1 or 2 people with lower than .8 k/d most right under or over 1 and then there would be a few 1.5 or higher. This release there is MAYBE 2 or 3 people over 1 k/d in a match on average.

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                        58. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                        PLEASE STOP PICKING ME AS HOST TREYARCH, IM BEGGING YOU!! I will leave every lobby im picked to host or migrated to host, im sick of it.. over 200k am i the only one able to freaking host a game?

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                          59. Re: Features of this game that GUARENTEE player drop-out

                          It makes me "proud" but I also hate it when I do those 2 or 3 kills in a row to only be cut of by host migration!


                          I just know he was mad! Ahahahaha, but did he really had to mess up the game for all of us!!!

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