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    Best BO2 Purchase I Ever Made

      I am a poor college student who deosn't get money very often so when I got money at Christmas, I had to find something very useful to spend it on. The purchase I made was the first Sony PS3 headset. I can not tell you how happy I am with this purchase, this is not a product sell, more of a headset in general sell. The amount of times I've been bailed out by my headset in teh 4 months that I've had it are crazy. Just yesterday on Standoff I was touching a VSAT at the start of the second round. I went gas station at the start of the second round from A spawn and went into the building above C, as soon as I got in I heard the knife fail sound, I turned on a dime and got the dude to save my scorestreak. Another thing that constantly happens is the sound of glass breaking, for example on the start of Raid dom, if you have the c spawn and run to the black van, you can hear somebody breaking the glass on the side of the A building. The amount of times I've soundwhored people without awareness on is uncountable, so my recommendation is to people that want to improve their gaming or are serious about BO2, buy a headset.


      To you people with headsets, what's the best soundwhore kill you've got?