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    Flak Jacket - Bad design

      I really think that the way Flak jacket perk is implemented in this game is not right.


      First It should not protect you from a Claymore or betty if you are sitting on them. I prefer the way IW implemented in mw games, that reduces the mortal area around the explosive, but not protects you from a direct hit if you are very very close.


      It gives people the feeling that they can run blindly through whatever and survive, not trying to avoid and think of ways of flanking, and that carry them to die by the TF LMG that is behind the explosive.


      Second, people think that FJ is a good think because it would help them to counter campers.


      And really is the opposite.


      Several times I have found a full team campering in a small area. Sitting with LMGs and Flak jackets and is nearly impossible to take them out.


      Yesterday a team was camping in the engine room in Hickjacked. All with LMGs and flack jackets. And tactical insertions.

      It was impossible to take the position. It was a continuous rain of grenades, noobtubes and C4, but it was impossible. We lost by 40-75 (TDM)


      As I said, I think It should protect you from explosives but not if you take a direct hit.

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          It doesn't protect you from direct c4 and I'm guessing a direct grenade launcher or rpg shot would kill you too. Flak jacket is fine.

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            flak jacket is the only reason this game is still worth playing

            blast shield was a complete waste of a perk

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              I'm pretty sure it does protect you from direct C4, direct impact from a launcher still kilss you. I think the biggest flaw is that it doesn't protect you from exploding cars, with the amount of them, there should be a counter.

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                Just throw emp grenades on top of the deck, that'll sort out any TI underneath.

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                  Flak Jacket is perfectly fine. It does what it's supposed to: Shield you from explosive damage. Yes, it should reduce that damage ESPECIALLY with Claymores or Betties considering the very small range with which they actually activate and explode.

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                    It does not protect you from direct hits. If you are sitting on a claymore it will kill you. The Betty is easy to avoid anyway so flak jacket in N/A here. All you need to do is go prone with or without flak jacket. So your point is invalid.

                    Not sure what your talking about, with people thinking flak jacket is a counter to campers. That doesn't make sense.

                    And the people camping in the room on hijacked: you lost because of your own fault. If they are campig in that room then stop going to the room. (Common Sense). This will force them to come out of the room and come and find you. Instead you just kept going back into the room so they could kill you.

                    If you put a rat in a cage with a snake 100 times, the snake will kill the rat 100 times.

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                      EMP grenades have a wide radius. You could easily destroy insertion points with them. This is why some people detest EMP grenades so much; because they can be very useful. Create a class, put on engineer along with EMP grenades and black hats and go to work. They are there for a purpose.


                      Moreover, as the last poster mentioned, no one is forcing you to go into the engine room. If they choose to camp, let them. If you and your team cooperate, you can easily get a Win or a Draw if you guys continue not to feed the enemy the food in which they desire.


                      I too was on Hijacked when I ran into two guys who camped in the room above the dining room with a assault shield, and trophy system. It was a stupid idea on their part, clearly, as I fished them out so quickly with C4s. Of course, I communicated with my random team mate, and we got the work done together. The situation wasn't too severe considering there were no tact inserts or Flaks involved, though.


                      After fishing them out, I decided to get even, of course. I camped behind the desk, and as I thought: they came back. I killed them at their own game, they got very upset at their loss. I was happy, of course. :)


                      All in all, take advantage of counters to their tactics, or sit back and let time elapse so that you can win the game.

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                          Flak jackets protects from a direct hit from all explosives. Takes two C4 to kill someone.

                          You can ckeck Driftor video about it

                          And I wasn't going the room in Hickjacked. After a couple of deaths I waited outside. But if you play with 6 randoms, there is always 2 or 3 that will go again and again to get killed over and over. Their fault but your option is just wait 6 minutes for your team to loose or leave the game.


                          What I mean about FJ being a counter to campers is a lot of rushers use it thinking that with it they just can run blindly through betties and claymores.

                          If you want to avoid them, that is what engineer perk is.

                          I am not complaining about the game. It is what it is and I dont have an issue with it


                          The whole point is the way FJ works compared to IW games. I think in MW games it was more logical.

                          I suppose  people are happy with FJ because they can run without need to avoid explosives, but it makes people camping in a room with a LMG and a target finder very very difficult to kill.

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                          Flak Jacket basically removes 100% damage from explosives, like you said making some people damn near invincilbe when hiding in a room or when you're trying to take out a massive group on 'B' flag. Guns are cool and all but I prefer a well cooked frag or C4 when trying to push back a horde of enemy players


                          FJ should really only reduce 50% of the damage taken from explosives

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                            I think Treyarch got exactly what they wanted out of this perk, and I find the design works well within the confines of the game. Black Ops 2 seems to have been designed with the idea that anything and everything will have a counter to it. Flak Jacket is designed perfectly for countering explosives. It's one of the perks they got spot on.

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                              You can choose 10 things, between guns, attachments, perks, tactical... Each one of them will protect or help you from/with a SPECIFIC thing and it suits better depending on the map. Due to this limite of 10 things, you USUALLY will improve some point, and you will lose advantage in another point. The great idea is learn how to COMBINE them to fit your style and the map/mode you are playing...


                              Flack jacket is amazing in smal maps like nuketown and hijacked on demolition. It is not very useful on Turbine TDM.  You are throwing grenades inside the room and nobody is dying? Well, so you can throw flash bag and kill everybody with your gun...


                              Remember, if something is REALLY OP, everybody starts to use, then the game is equally fair again I usually watch videos from these great player channels, and each one of them uses different classes, proving that the game is balanced and there are LOTS of good combinations 


                              The thing that bothers me is the LAG and spawn trapping

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                                Blast shield was useless in MW3. Keep Flak Jacket the way it is.

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                                  Blast shield was useless in MW3, yes. Furthermore, let us review MW2 and understand how useless blast shield was there too. Only then at the time, danger close was included in the game. If you take a look now, we can scavage explosives. Nerf flak jacket; find that we won't be too far away from how MW2 worked their explosive system. It'll be the same concept of MW2, but without danger close.


                                  Frustrated with flak? Simple. Learn to point and shoot. This isn't Explode of Duty.

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                                    nerf FJ and watch the noobtube make a comeback lol.


                                    the FJ is good as it is and its a good counter for bettys and claymores.


                                    it saves you a 3rd tier perk on which you can equip tactial mask or dexteirity.

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                                        I only use Fj in one on my classes, and I rarely die by an explosive.

                                        Betties are easily avoidable if you take care. And with engineer you don't have to take care at all.

                                        Noobtubes are not very popular because are nearly useless even if you are not using FJ.

                                        FJ reduces the damage of explosive by 66% Two grenades will kill you but only if both of them land very near of you.

                                        What FJ should do is reduce the damage drop with distance of the explosive by 66%

                                        Lets say that the maximum distance at with you can be killed by a C4 explosive is 10 meters. With FJ it should be 3.3 metes


                                        What it actually does if the exploive damage at impact point is 200 points, it drops to 33 points.


                                        Put some skill in  not dying instead of just using Perk.

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                                            they cant do that cause it would it almost impossible to play some modes and it would be completely useless on HC.


                                            for someone that played alomst 300 hours of HQ i can say that even there i died by alot of explosives even with FJ.


                                            i would almost impossible to capture an HQ cause the constant spamming of explosives would kill everyone near a HQ lol.


                                            Same with domination, hardpoint and demolition.


                                            the way you want it , you just want players to sit back and spamm a certain point with explosives so they can rack up easy points and kills.


                                            after a kill near a point is worth alot more then random kills.


                                            the slight balance this game already has will be gone.


                                            The already nerfed ghost to the point that i light up when in the proces of capturing a point.

                                            now you guys wanna make me an easier target because all someone has to do is throw or fire an explosive near a point and im dead lol.


                                            maybe you should put some skill in killing instead of relying on an explosive doing the dirty work.


                                            FJ is now a great counter for those who think they can run at someone and throw C4 and get that easy kill lol.

                                            No you get shot in the face trying to pull that crap.

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                                          Just my personal opinion but its pretty strong in hardcore game modes. Its kind of silly that a person dies from two shots in the ankle from a pistol, but not a c4 five inches from the face.

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                                            I do agree that flak jacket is particularly stronger in this game than previous versions. I have thrown grenades, hit the person near by with RPGs, SMAWs, and they still do not die. I really do not care, but yea its stronger than ever.

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                                              Think of it less as a "jacket" and more as an "impenetrable Snuggie".

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                                                Never has flak jacket or tactical mask been implemented better at any COD game. They are just perfect.

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                                                  Flak Jacket+Engineer+Tac Mask


                                                  Won't have to worry about anything but gunfights.