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    Cliche about the Target Finder.


      Well I've noticed a lot of members on this forum talking about the Target Finder and how much they hate it. I've also noticed what a lot of members describe when describing someone using the Target Finder.


      It usually goes something like this:


      "Normally its people sitting at the back of the map camping"


      "Usually its some guy sitting in corner ADS camping"


      "Usually some guy using an LMG camping"




      My question to you all is....


      Why would a camper use the Target Finder?


      It makes no logical sense unless playing at ranged combat in which they aren't really a camper. When I say ranged combat. I mean like on Drone where you are looking from one end of the map to the other or from one end to the middle.Same with turbine.


      So yeah it doesn't make sense. Here's how....


      Normally a player will run by the camper or enter the campers general location. In which chances are, he'd already see you. For example say I'm running into the stone block area in raid and a guy is lying in the dirt near the room where you can climb into the window. Chances are he's already saw me as I've ran down into the area.


      I don't honestly think the TF was designed to be used by campers because really it can detect people hiding in corners and dark areas that you'd otherwise miss. It makes no logical sense to use it when camping because you are in one area, not moving and the enemy come to you, like I said it makes no logical sense. Most of the time the camper will see you enter their area and be able to kill you. Not because you've got a red diamond around your name.


      I've actually found the TF to be more useful in a mobile class to spot people in windows or in dark areas. The TF isn't really designed to be continually successful with a non mobile class.


      Plus you could always use cold blooded


      p.s I'm not against camping or anything like that as I support the right to play anyway you wish as long as it doesn't break the games TOS. I'm merely describing how the CoD community react to such a small problem. It actually makes me laugh

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          The irony about it is:


          1 - if anyone sees you stop for anything, you are camping

          2 - In previous CODs, when you sat in a choke point and took out half the team with an LMG, it was considered smart play. Slap on a TF, and you are a camper

          3 - The TF (as well as the DB) is an excellent tool for FINDING campers

          4 - If you see someone, regardless if you were running or camping, and you start to shoot that person even BEFORE ADSING and you so happen to have a TF on your gun, you are a camping noob (which makes no sense because you saw them without it)


          Bottom line, if you get killed by someone who was using a TF who would not have seen you otherwise... you were likely camping yourself.


          Not always true... but just saying

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              I understand why you use it because you have bad eyes but is it really that hard for people with good vision to see across teh map? I am legally blind and wear ridiculous contact lenses but they still don't give me 20/20 vision yet I can still kill people from the bottom room of teh fruit stand on Yemen to the long streeet where you can sit in the window on th erocks or on the street, and I do it with Iron Sights or a red dot.

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              Why would a camper use the Target Finder?

              Personally, I could care less what anyone uses on their weapon, this is how I see it. If I cannot out manuever you (the enemy) through my own actions than I was outplayed

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                  and there it is...


                  Best reply ever

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                    Most times a tF user kills me they probably would have gotten me with anything else but it's because they're sitting in a corner ADS'ing, I just hate being killed by something that takes no skill, ie, HK, ADS with TF in a corner, QS'ing etc.

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                        I understand what you are saying here... however is the issue that they were using a TF in a corner... or simply in a corner.


                        You are a mover.  Therefore someone, using a TF or not sitting in corner, would bother you.  Fair, the TF makes it a worse pill to swallow, but the reality is... the TF does not auto-aim for someone.  Someone ADSing on you still has to aim: the TF let's one know someone is there that may not have seen you otherwise, but the player still has to pull the trigger on a moving target. 


                        Do I use it? Yep... everyone knows that.  Do I use it on all my classes? Good lord no!  I find the laser sight and ext mags way more useful to my play style (and I am currently trying to complete the noob tube challenges and it works well in DOM... I am such a jerk!). But like you, I hate (HATE!) walking around doing the best I can to scan areas only to get shot from half way across the map from (what looked like to me) a rock or a tree.


                        So when I am running and gunning: I do not use the TF (typically)

                        When I am playing game modes I hate (like TDM) or on maps I cannot see squat (like Carrier) and wish to use an AR... yeah I will use it.


                        (loving the zoom on LMGs... thanks for that tip)




                        If someone were to ask me: "Do I honestly think it was a good or bad addition to the game?"


                        I would say bad.  it is a crutch, there is no denying that.  As well, I would not say it has made my game any better.  But on some maps, it is either that, or backing out/not play at all (I would never play against corner campers in a TDM match on Carrier... not complaining about camping... it is just I would seriously not be able to do anything: like right now I have temporarily lost the use of one of my eyes, and the other has poor vision)


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                            I understand you wanting to use it on TDM carrier, I don't play TDM that much so I don't know the camp spots, but in DOM there are the usual camp spots, so I'll either use a sniper, AR, or LMG with DB or Zoom. If you have teh A spawn they'll be camping on the ramp, if you have the C spawn they'll be camping near the B flag, so for me it's a nice flanking map. I honestly don't get killed by campers that aren't in the usual spots that much on Carrier, and if I lose a gunfight to a camper in the usual spot, it's because I got outshot.

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                        I have to admit, any kill cams I have seen with a TF lately have all been attached to an LMG.  However, I cannot say they were "Camping" most seem to have been moving around the map at some point, they were never static like at a Spawn Kill point of hidden in a corner.


                        I usually only play HC TDM or HC KC so cannot comment on objective games.

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                            Treyarch has laid out how they want people to play this game. hence league play. They want you to use a TF with claymore/bouncing betty/shock charge while you head glitch a box/window/corner etc. moving adaptively slow paced so milliseconds of lag don't appear. If you're rushing you're misplaying the game.

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                            ok lets ignore the word camping as its massively overused.

                            The Target Finder is cheap or at least it feels cheap and there is no denying it was designed to suit the weaker players,or give them a helping hand to get a kill.

                            However most players that use the target finder do sit back,not camp but sit back,its very hard to rush with an LMG especially with a target finder.

                            i understand your argument,however i find the TF to be the cheapest and tackiest bit of kit ever added to a COD game yet.

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                                If you look back over the video's pre-release when the target finder appeared I recall DV saying this new attachment should help find those players who like to hide out.  In other words it was designed to be used to attack campers, not for use by them.


                                It's a case of the glass is half empty or half full, it all depends which view you prefer to take.

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                                i use the TF on camper and/or sniper maps like Turbine, Drone, etc. i still rush for the most part, with a stop to check certain places.. but it really does a fine job of pointing out the people that hide in the shadows.


                                i also use it if i need headshots for camo. it's almost guaranteed.


                                the magnification is just where i like it and the red diamonds help tons. i call it a "cheater scope" and have it labeled as "cheater" on my load out list.

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                                  The Target Finder is useful on the larger open maps because you can quickly bring your sight up and scope around and anyone will be highlighted so it's good for scanning areas for enemies.

                                  Unless your playing defensively the TF is a huge disadvantage because of the lack of peripheral vision, this is why it's mostly used on LMG's because normally the person with the LMG is sitting back defending an objective at range from a good vantage point, I personally love it on LMG's mostly because all of the other sights are terrible I always get the edge of the red dot and eotech sights blocking my view whilst the target finder gives you a large open view of everything in 1 direction like tunnel vision which is ideal for a defender in something like domination.

                                  I will say that I've seen a lot of terrible players using it all with negative K/D which definitely goes some way towards its negative reputation, no one wants to be wall banged by the noob going 2-20 spraying his TF LMG but I'm a good player and I love it in certain situations, It's not in anyway overpowered, theres a perk that cancels it out entirely, you have zero peripheral vision and it's not accurate, the large diamonds actually obscure the view quite a lot.

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                                      Exactly...People can always use Cold Blooded...

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                                        I can't wait unitl it'z not in the next CoD and the people that have become reliant on red diamonds and their sight lighting up are terrible. Is their seriously any map that has that long of range that you need a red diamond around somebody?


                                        Me wearing CB doesn't change the fact that you still rely on a TF.


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                                            Isn't that what attachments are for?


                                            One "relies on" extended mags to reload less often, one "relies in" fast mags to relaod faster, one "relies on" quickdraw to ads faster, one "relies on" the grip to aim steadier, and on "relies on" the target finder to locate enemies.

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                                                Lol, do you understand what you just said?


                                                Mojo33 wrote:


                                                and on "relies on" the target finder to locate enemies.

                                                I understand that people love their attachments but should their really be one that finds people for you, with this reasoning that there should be an attachment that finds people for you, in the next CoD there should be an attachment that shoots people for you. And then you can say, " one "relies on" the ishootforu  to shoot at the enemies."

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                                                    Ah, the "slippery slope" arguement!


                                                    Just because the target finder highlights an enemy, is not an indication that there will ever be an attachment that aims and fires for you. Exaggerating an issue to ridiculous proportions in an imaginary future is not a valid arguement against how the target finder actually works right now, in reality.


                                                    My post was not meant as a defence in favor of the target finder so much as a reminder that ALL of the attachments are designed, in essence, to make something "easier", whether it be reloading, aiming, or spotting enemies, for example and, as such, are meant to be "relied on" to do what they were specifically designed to do.

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                                                        Dang didn't think you'd catch it haha. Anyways, put yourself in a time machine and take yourself back a year. People constantly were complaining about the heartbeat sensor. Now stay with me here, you were having this argument and said that people rely on heartbeats, somebody said this is a slippery slope, in the next CoD what if they make an attachment that lights up, and makes a noise when it finds an enemy. You would say that's a slippery slope, that's never gonna happen. It did. I don't put anything past them to try to make bad players good.


                                                        An attachment that shoots for you would make killing people easier just as the TF makes finding people easier. My problem with the TF is first of all that most people who use it sit in corners and second of all the fact that a person can ADS with no idea that a person is there and there attachment will tell them that somebodies there. Does any other attachment really give you free kills?

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                                                I don't know if I understand the cliche correctly....


                                                The TF does what it's supposed to do...finds a target for the player .

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                                                    I think that generally people feel that it is a camper tool.  But the reality is:


                                                    - a camper does not need it (a short range the camper has already seen you)

                                                    - it is a tool to flush out campers


                                                    Generally speaking, people do not like the fact that something is in the game that makes one EASIER to see (and that, I think we can all agree on... even those who use it do not like being lit by it lol... damn hypocrites).  But the cliche is that the people who complain about it are talking about campers using it...


                                                    This is a failure of an argument. Why?


                                                    People need to ask themselves this:


                                                    "Is the problem the target finder, or is the problem campers using the target finder?"


                                                    If people think about it, they would realize that the fundamental problem (assuming there is one - e.g. not taking sides a some people do not think here is an issue) is the TF itself, and not the playstle that is using it.


                                                    If I were someone who could make a change, and people came to me and said: "We want the TF removed from the game!" I would ask why?  if the answer was:


                                                    - campers with LMGs use it! I would would laugh and say deal with it. It is there to find campers so use it yourself.


                                                    but if the answer was something more fundamental like:


                                                    - it makes it impossible to move about the map and take appropriate cover because as soon as a minute part of my body or weapon is exposed, my position is revealed making me HAVE to use CB all the time when I would prefer to use another perk (to say get a challenge done or whatnot)... it reduces everyone in the game to use only specific perks to be able to combat against the TF usage...


                                                    I would take pause and think about maybe making a change...


                                                    That is part the cliche

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                                                        What if the TF was made so that it never showed a red diamond around the player.

                                                        And it never gave you red crosshairs. You don't need CB equipped.

                                                        So basically it is just a sight like Reflex etc.

                                                        Would one still complain do you think?

                                                        This is not directed towards you btw lol. I am just genuinely asking what would you think.

                                                        Or what would anyone think?


                                                        See what I think is that if a guy is just sitting in a corner ads'ing and kills you, wheter or not he is using TF, anyone would still get mad. It just adds to the rage when they see he is using the TF.

                                                        But I guarantee, that when anyone gets killed from a guy sitting in the corner just ads'ing, if they seen he was using the iron sights on a gun, they wouldn't say " oh that's ok, he wasn't using the TF "

                                                        They would still get angry that the player was just sitting in the corner ads'ing

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                                                            I don't remember the last time I got killed by a guy sitting in a corner that wasn't using the TF. I think the game has been out too long them to actually do anything about the TF, but I really want to meet the guy who was sitting in a meeting and said, "I have just the thing for BO2, let's make an attachment that puts a diamond areound enemies, the reticle lights up, the gun makes a sound, and you still get a minimap, just what CoD needs!!!!" After I met this guy I'd probably give him a little love tap.

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                                                        The ironic thing about the Target Finder is that it was intended to help players spot headglitching enemies but instead it's (mostly) used by headglitchers.

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                                                          Meh, the TF is what it is and it does what it does. People use it and it really doesn't bother me at all.


                                                          I might suggest, though, to the people who ARE bothered by it: run an offline splitscreen match by yourself with two controllers. Equip one player with the TF, and position the other at various locations around the map, to learn exactly how much of the player needs to be showing, and under what circumstances, in order for the TF to light them up.


                                                          By doing this, you might learn how to more effectively use cover and reduce sight-lines in order to counter and avoid TF users a little better.

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                                                            i've never been killed by a corner camper with a target finder. they are 2' away and don't need it.

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                                                              We all seem to for the most part forget that you can easily counter the TF by using Cold Blooded.