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    Hate the player, not the game...

      I've been quiet on the forums and on my YouTube channel recently because in all honesty I haven't been enjoying the game recently. Like most of you I immediately blamed the game saying it sucked for a host of reasons, but I've come to the realization that most if my frustration is directed toward the people I play against.


      Why do I find the TF annoying? Because I always seem to walk by that kid laying in his spawn ADSed with one on a decent killstreak. Why have I been shying away from KC? Because I'm sick of getting a triple kill only to watch my LW/EC combat knife teammate sprint past me and take the tags to leave me on a 10 gunstreak with nothing to show for it while he gets all his streaks and doesn't kill a single enemy.


      Long story short outside of the lobbies where I'm paired up with people not in the continental US, Im beginning to blame the community and not the game.

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          I gave up waiting for the killer to pick up tags if I'm closer. Most of the time they expect me to pick it up so they leave while I stand there wasting time.

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              Some people use what's called tactics, as in not running at tags like a headless chicken. If someone is moving toward their tags no matter what pace I leave them be, if someone retreats in the opposite direction or stares at them for more than 5 seconds and makes no movement toward them, then it's fair game. When I drop 3-4 enemies and I'm running toward the tags only to watch some **** sprint past me and grab them all its annoying. Earn your own streaks, don't rely on others to spoon feed them to you

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                  Don't condescend to me. I've had this scenario happen quite often where there's a path with multiple directions.


                  x= Tag

                  o= Me




                  _|   _o

                  _   |_

                    |  _



                  Killer walks toward tags while I just sit there twidling my thumbs instead of picking up the tag then they turn the corner completely ignoring it.


                  The better tactic is to not waste time and start covering entry points.

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                It sucks that in a game where it's as broken as it is people have to make it even worse with their playstyles.

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                  Do you acknowledge that those players you hate would not be able to do those annoying things if THE GAME didn't have those aspects/reward them?


                  It is the game. If you permit the use of a target finder, people will use it in their spawn. If you reward stealing dog tags from your teammates kills, people will steal them.

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                      I can see this scenario. It's seems like the Scorestreak set up favors KC players the most IMO. Hell, you don't even have to kill anyone to get your streaks. It does add a new dynamic though.


                      I have been playing lots of hardcore lately because itis just easier to use SMG's since they are more deadly at range. The thing that really "grinds my gears" are teammates that completely ignore you when you are posted up, getting ready to fire and simply just sprint right in front of you. The other night, I was kicked a couple times because this scenario unfolded game after game. I will admit that it is my fault too but the unobservant teammate is also at fault for just being an idiot in HC.


                      Maybe I'm just a rookie to hard core but it's a breathe of fresh air in this game since I usually only play core games.


                      In closing, unobservant teammates is what drives me nuts in this game.

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                      I don't complain about campers, run-n-gunners, people don't usually steal my tags and if they do, I don't mind because in the end it contributes to the team, I don't mind when people use TFs on their LMGs because I probably won't come across them much in a match because chances are I'll be too busy camping elsewhere...


                      what I do have a problem with is the massive lag issues that seem to effect every aspect of the game, and causes so much grief that I can't seem to play any longer than an hour in one sitting. Am I here, or there? Is that enemy in front of me or to my right? No one knows...


                      But wait, it gets better, much better!


                      Where am I gonna spawn this time? Oh, right in front of an enemy that is already shooting? Sure, why not. Or how about I just get spawned under enemy artillery barage? That sounds great!


                      You can try to twist the story any way you want, but in the end, the great faults in this game is due to the game being broken, not because of the players.

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                        ProfessionalPoster wrote:


                        Long story short outside of the lobbies where I'm paired up with people not in the continental US, Im beginning to blame the community and not the game.

                        You could have summed your post with this and still have been good! It is the community, thats why people love playing the older games because "others" who ever have moved on to the new one.


                        But I would hate "ego" for that double first blood medals!

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                          Also Drew, my race to catch your K/D is heating up, 1.54.

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                            I've noticed you don't get on anymore


                            I have to say lag hasn't been all that terrible, I mostly just hate how people play like you said. I blame it on the game because its just easier that way. Last night I played against so many quickscopers who were getting absolute BS OHK on me. Ones where I couldn't even see myself on Killcam but somehow was OHK from miles away.


                            I know the game is like this, and I know that the person who shot me knows the game is like this (that's why they do it in the first place) but still I blame the game

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                              compared to mw3 this game is better, but still not the greatest.


                              somebody asked me "are you getting the next COD?"


                              i said maybe if it comes out on ps4, im saving my money up for that beast!


                              looks like i'll be playing battlefield 4 on ps4 with DEDICATED SERVERS!

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                                This thread should remain around for awhile.

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                                  The objective of Kill Confirmed is make 100 points, right? At first sight, it is a team, so I DON'T CARE who get's my tags... I just care the tag is collected and we win the game


                                  I don't understand some players who plays objective games and thinks only individually. I've seen a guy with more thand 70 kills, lots of high scorestreaks in the air, he was NEXT to the bomb, and he DIDN'T defuse it I thinks he was espectating the extra round to get a few extra points. I think this is a disrespect with the enemy..

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                                      Some people like to get scorestreaks, if I'm 100 points from a VSAT and you collect the tag that i was already going to get, that hurts the team because theres still a chance I die before I get my VSAT. if my VSAT leads to dogs and swarm then go ahead and collect the tags, if it's a close game or we're down, collect them, if we're up by a lot and approaching the score limit, then don't grab them so my scorestreaks do more. I think most people close to scorestreaks will get their tags but they're going to play cautious, that doesn't mean you get to run around like a headless chicken strealing tags.

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                                      There are times to hate the players and times to hate the game. People are people, and this game is no different in that respect than any other aspect of life. You use the tools given to you to your advantage. Like life though, the game isn't fair. It's easier to hate the game because changing code is always easier than changing people.

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                                        It is the games fault for most of the issues.

                                        Sound Glitch- I'm sick of hearing this. Why can't they make the game for the PS3 instead of being lazy and doing a port.

                                        Lag - Say what you want about not having lag. This Call of Duty EVERYONE gets bad lag. MW2 had great connection and BLOPS1 was above average. MW3 is when it went down.

                                        Target Finders - Players wouldn't use it if it gave you a disadvantage. You still get your radar and it seems like it gives you less recoil on your guns. Too many people are using this.

                                        TDM Campers - TDM is suppose to be fast pace. You get these campers that just wait with Target Finders. What if everyone did that? No one would play.

                                        OP Blackxworm playstyle - This playstyle is more powerful then anyother one. Get a full team to camp and you get a for sure win.

                                        Pistols - What is this? Call of Duty Pistols 2? Why are pistols better then most guns in this game. If you deny it then maybe you should play a few games with a pistol only.

                                        Remington - I call this the lag cutter. This gun doesn't take any skill to use just like the pistols.

                                        Snipers - So how is it fair they can aim down their sights so fast and kill me when I already shot 6 bullets in them?


                                        Most of the issue is from the player but its more of the game fault because they allow players to use these.


                                        ~THE NOOB KILLER

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                                            You have a different philosophy on how to determine blame.


                                            Are the devs to blame for these things being in the game? Of course, but it's the players fault for using it. It's the equivalent of you handing me a loaded handgun and me shooting someone. You're an accessory but I'm the one who's guilty of murder.

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                                              redx165 wrote:

                                              Sound Glitch- I'm sick of hearing this. Why can't they make the game for the PS3 instead of being lazy and doing a port.

                                              Supposedly this game had a PS3 team that developed it just as much as Xbox



                                              redx165 wrote:

                                              TDM Campers - TDM is suppose to be fast pace.

                                              Says who, you? Since when was this game suppose to be played and exact way?

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                                              I completely agree with this. I to have stopped playing Black Ops 2 and have gone back to Black Ops 1 and W@W. I stopped playing Blops 2 because I was hating on the game and not enjoying myself but when I got on W@W guess what? You had cheeseballs running around with MP40 dual mags and stacking Juggernaut with Second Chance.


                                              Yesterday I couldn't find a hacker free lobby on W@W so I decided to play Blops 1 and in that game you have the 15th prestige Ghost + Second Chance + gold silenced Famas corner campers and I realised that most of the time it's the community that I'm hating on, not the game.

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                                                well in this case  i guess ill blame the french for their shitty connection and ill throw in all them spanish talking ***** wherever they are from ( peru mexico peurto rico spain )


                                                the only big issue with this game is the connection.

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                                                    I do love beating the cheese eating surrender monky's and then hear them ***** about it....



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                                                      The French and the Spanish do seem to have the shittiest connections known to man, it's a lag fest every single time, especially with the French. You gotta blame the game though, for putting us in the same lobbies with them, and the people for playing over stolen WiFi.


                                                      I just tried to play some FFA and got placed into a lost match 6 times in a row. And by lost i mean the guy currently on third has got 10-15 kills so there's quite a bit of cathing up to do. I tried regardless only to find out the connection is horrible for me and suprise suprise there are French and Spanish guys rocking their 2 or 3 bar on the top three. So i try over and over again to find to new lobby, and get the same BS.


                                                      You can't blame the people for backing out from lag fests like that, i have the same issue in every playlist. When i finally got a fresh lobby, the game hard freezes the console before the map starts to load. I think that's enough of BO2 for today.


                                                      As you said, the only big issue in this game is the connection, i could live with the hard freezes if the lag wasn't so bad. Next up i'll download the new patch for MW3 and probably be disappointed again as usual.