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    HEY Foxy! Yeah you! Read this!

      I like how you try to, how should I put this, rule over people posts by locking them. I believe that you're taking it to far. So what I ask for forgiveness? You don't actually work at the company do you? You're here to look over peoples forums for things that shouldn't be there, like hate or ones with inappropriate language or hackers/modders. But locking someone like me for just saying I'm sorry for what I did and for them to atleast consider my apology is complete and utter crap. I can bet you're gonna block/lock/ban or whatever to me but personally I don't really care now. I can see that you want to help them and I think that's great. But locking my post for freedom of speech is not fair. So, I am going to leave it at this. If this gets locked/deleted, if I get blocked, or I get banned, that'll just prove my point. I hope an ACTUAL EMPLOYEE starts looking over posts. I give this about 5 minutes to either get locked or deleted. Guess we'll see.