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    How to slow down and take it easy.

      So I have hit a bad spot. I'm almost P6 and always overly rushing around. I saw a big improvement from in my gameplay from P1 to P4,  but lately it seems the more I play the worse I get.

      I think i'm rushing around too much and can't seem to slow my gameplay down. I'm getting frustrated with myself with sucking so bad.


      I want to keep playing but can't seem to turn around this slump.


      Any ideas here?

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          I noticed for me Im a Rambo type playing, but switching from my MP7/smg's to a gun like the M8, helps me slow down a bit.

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            We had this talk on the boards last week that it feels like the game is slowing down. We are seeing more strategic moves which has been a thorn in a blind rusher's eye.


            I suggest moving from one area to the next slowly while checking all corners.


            Make sure you communicate with your teammates and call out where you see the enemy. If you do so, teammates will do the same and then you will less likely be ambushed.


            Try different weapons. Just because they were good while you were rushing, they may not be as good for you if you were to slow down and play a little more strategic.


            Above all else, if you are not having fun, play something else. Getting frustrated with this game makes you make bad decisions and you will just end up getting more frustrated.

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              Switching game modes seems to help me. Try playing a mode you're unfamiliar with; feeling out the new game makes me play slower naturally.

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                Try a new class, something opposite from your usual version. And rushing, doesn't have to mean running non stop. Moving forward clearly your path of enemies is one way I play.

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                  My normal style is to move around the map and try to catch the enemy that hasn't seen me. I'd like to call it a "semi-camping style" 

                  The reason is that my thumb is somewhat limited in it's ability to aim a weapon with the PS3 controller, I tend to have the pointy end of the gun waving all over the screen when attempting to aim at an enemy that has seen me, which means I die very shortly thereafter. The headless chicken thing will not work because of this impairment.

                  I like to think that although my style doesn't add a lot to the teams points, it doesn't give the other team points because I don't die as often as I would if I were running around. 


                  My new ant-rusher weapon is the crossbow, I find even though someone is running at me shooting, and I'm about to die, if I can fire the crossbow in time, he dies with me

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                    Welcome to the next stage of your gameplay development.  Full on rushing only works when the enemy isn't waiting for you.  Consider the places where you've gotten killed lately and what types of guns were being used against you.  This will help you to develop some slower strategies.  I would suggest switching to an AR as it plays slower than an SMG but not as slow as an LMG.  It will make the transition easier.  Also if you are slowing down then you won't need Extreme Conditioning or Dexterity so much.  You should consider whether Tac Mask or Engineer would be a better choice for you.  You may also find that Ghost isn't as useful as Flak Jacket now.  Additionally, you may find that shock charges can be quite helpful in delaying rushers.  Throwing them ahead of your path or behind you if you have your back to a common flank route can save you.  Just be sure to throw them far enough away from you that you will have time to turn around and react once you get the notification that your equipment has been destroyed.


                    Beyond all this, you primarily need to think more methodical.  You can still move around the map quite well but do so by going from cover to cover and take the knowledge of how you would have approached things as a rusher and use that to your advantage.  I'm sure while you were rushing you stayed away from the longer lines of sight as much as possible.  Well with an AR you are going to want to embrace those long lines of sight.  You also know about how long it takes for a rusher to get to any point on the map.  So consider where you need to be that will give you a longer line of sight to where you know that they will be coming from.  You don't have to get half way across the map first anymore to win the gunfight but once you do win the fight, you will be able to advance and take over the map by keeping them pinned back to their home spawn side and/or dictating when you decide to flip their spawn.

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                        True if you can get close enough to them to do so.  C4 can be really effective.  I use it quite liberally.  I'm sure that he is a good rusher but as his OP stated, that unto itself isn't working anymore.  So now he has to learn the other side of the coin.  The tactics are similar but not the same.  If you've followed any of my posts regarding camping vs rushing, you would know that I lean more towards rushing but I see nothing wrong with taking a few pages out of the campers book if it makes me a better player.  You can disagree if you want but I'm the guy that drops rushers from well outside of their C4 range and then drops them again all the way up in their faces.  I'm not tied to just one playstyle.  To fix the OPs problem he is going to have to learn how to slow down when needed.  That doesn't mean that he should never rush but it isn't always the answer.  Neither is full on camping btw imo.

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                            Yes I consider myself a good rusher but I seem to be falling short to other playstyles now. I think the overconfidence added to the frustration of dying more is ruining the rush type game for me so a change of pace is needed.


                            I think a class that makes good use of equipment rather than a perk heavy class could be a good change. Up until now I usually run 4/5 perks or primary gunfighter with a greed.

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                            This is very helpful, thank you. I have been using SMG's til now. I think I am getting stuck with them as I am trying to work through to Diamonds.

                            I think I am in the mindset that it is a chore that I must do and I have to finish the set. I must break this down and work on some different guns. AR's may well be the way to go, maybe the Scar or the AN-94.

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                            There have already been some great suggestions that will slow you down. Weapon changes and game mode changes should help. When it comes to games modes, I'd suggest playing hard core.


                            For me though it took changing my weapon, game mode, and play style. I was an SMG, LW, EC, tag whoring rusher until I hit PM. Learning to quickscope is what helped me the most when it came time to slow things down. It took me a lot time to learn the skill. Not only did slow me down, it improved so many other areas of my game. You'll improve your accuracy will all weapon types. Quickscoping hardwires a good habit of keeping your cross hairs right where they should be. It will help lead to a game play style that is based on anticaption first and reaction second.

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                                I have always sought out the enemy rather than be a player that waits for them to come to me, It will be hard trying to change that mindset.


                                I have tried to learn to QS a few times but I just can't seem to get it down. I just can't seem to get the kills before they kill me. Most of the time I miss wildly.

                                There are so many tutorial vids on youtube but a lot are contradictory to each other. I would really like to get better at it as I liked to snipe in MW3.

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                                Dedicating myself to getting diamond ARs is what has slowed me down. Now don't get me wrong, I do go back to my roots on maps like Nuketown and Hijacked by running a shotty or a SMG. Play with a gun like the SMR or FAL (in HC, most of the time they are 1 shot kills), being single shot they will slow you down because you'll have to think more. Also what everyone else has said about HC, learn to love it