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    hardcore tdm good or bad?

      is this gamemode any god according to our community

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          i mean honestly is it a good game mod eor should it be taken out i honestly love it because you actualy dont get health regen so mire realistic

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            Considering that TDM is the most popular gamemode by a long shot and HC TDM is the most popular HC gamemode, I would say that the community likes it.  I'm not much for TDM but HC TDM is my favorite of the two.

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              Hardcore KC is the best gamemode. 75 kills is too short, whereas with kc your team can easily double that before the match ends. Also easier to gain high/more streaks as more points are gained.

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                yes, I play it more than anything else.

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                  My favorite mode and practically all I play anymore. I enjoy the objective modes, but I find them far too repetitive for my liking.


                  HC TDM is a different beast every match. Some matches are all out rushing, some are slower paced. It allows for freedom of movement and variance in strategy, which I enjoy.


                  It always kind of makes me chuckle when people say things like "HC TDM is just a lot of camping". Of course you get your share of campers in TDM, just like any other mode. In fact, successful TDM teams work together to hold down a spawn, which is not as easy in this game as in the past with so many attack routes.  Part of the fun for me is figuring out what the other team's strategy is and figuring out how to overcome it.


                  I find, and sure I will get flamed for this, that overall there is LESS camping in TDM. Objective modes... a big part of them involve camping, which is actually defending the objective. While people camp in TDM, there is no advantage to doing so unless the other team is foolish enough to continue to attack an area that is locked down rather than flank or find an alternate route. 


                  To me is, was, and always will be the most enjoyable mode. Every match is different, and I have a lot of fun playing with friends.