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        90. Re: Care packages need a change .....

        There's always COD4 if you hate it that much.


        I doubt the care package will ever be get rid of.  I used to find it slightly annoying when someone can get a VSAT in a care package as I mainly play TDM but last time that happened the side were going to win anyway.  It doesn't appear to be as rewarding as MW3, MW2 gave you four care packages after 8 kills, and BO1 wasn't too rewarding either and to re-roll it you sacrificed Flak Jacket, Ghost or Lightweight.  Bu then I've come across a clan all running care packages, who were all decent players, during MW3 and I had to deal with an AC-130, an AH-6 Overwatch and a Reaper that all came from care packages since my teammates weren't running Stingers.


        I'm guessing the care package is quite popular in HC KC because of how rewarding colelcting tags can be, so you can get several in a match, and the limited HUD helps conceal the care package chopper so you're less exposed to giving away your position.

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          91. Re: Care packages need a change .....

          I was on Nuketown last night, playing HCKC, figured ah hell I hate the gun but its worth a shot, tossed on the SVU and laid back and sniped. Well, a team mate who was also in my clan jokingly said I'm gonna shoot u for "Camping" I said, BRO I'm SNIPING, and ironically enough I got 10 1 shot 1 kill medals that game, so maybe I'll move up to a ballista or another bolt action lol. I don't snipe, but the people who do snipe, You can't call them campers! Even on KC you can't call them campers.

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            92. Re: Care packages need a change .....

            You could run ACOG and run and gun with them.  It's what I do.

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              93. Re: Care packages need a change .....



              OP, you could have made a better argument, but you went about this thread entirely wrong. It's filled with accusations and insults on your part. The discussion has also devolved into "I don't like it, so it doesn't belong in the game." It's not productive.


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