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    A thing that repells gamers from playing this game:

      Sure ive done this rant before but now its just happening too often and now I had taken a test over the time of a week


      I made 10 League Teams to play in Champion Ship, while this happened the people we were versing were mainly platinum rank 1-10

      or master rank 1-10


      Here is the patterns

      Master Rank 1-10 = 4/10 Chances

      Master Rank Low Rank = 1/10 Chances

      Platinum Ranks = 2/10

      Gold Ranks = 1/10

      Silver = 1/10

      Gold = 1/10


      Through all the teams i had played in there was almost ALL of the time atleast on Master Rank 1 through 4

      We got destroyed almost every game

      I had played 10 games with each team, different players everytime apart from me.

      I believe this is a fair test but all I am wondering was WTF????




      And because all the high rank people are the best in the world at COD the newbies are hopeless and get dropped...

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          There is not enough playing league all the time for it to properly balance out the teams, so it has to fill them with what ever is available and close by. So it will fill them with what ever ranked players are available at times. Nothing they can do about this becuase of the small playerbase. There is no way for them to really fix the problem for it lies in the small playerbase.


          With league normaly having less than 10K players at any time matcmaking cannot really do its job as it was meant to.

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            The upside to this is that playing against really good players should help you to get better at the game yourself.  Sure you are going to take some beatings along the way but use that time to learn from them and apply it to your game.  Before you know it you will be the guy that someone is writing a thread about and wondering how they can compete.