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    Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

      Anyone else think 50 points a kill is too low in objectives, i mean you can only play the objective so much, the average players will never reach some of these killstreaks even on a really good day.

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          Not exactly my friend. In Domination for BO2, you get 150 points for capturing a flag. So say you capture A at the beginning of the game and get a nade kill on B, that's basically 4 Kills for 200 points. Now lets say you cap A and B and manage to get 2 kills as well, that's basically 8 kills for 400 points which is almost half way up the ScoreStreak list already and most likely that happened within the first two minutes of the game.
          Now if you're looking to get the highest ScoreStreaks in the game and you might not be as good as others, then a care package is your best option. The highest ScoreStreaks are meant for the best players in the game and not everyone. It helps balance the game in not having so much ScoreStreaks called in all the time at once.
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            Having low points for kills forces players to go for objectives and pick kill streaks that help your team.


            if capping 2 flags=6 kills/300 points, you're only 2 kills off a UAV, now less say you get 8 UAV assists= 120 points you're only another 2 kills off another kill streak. It doesn't sound as bad you think about it that way.


            The higher end points streaks will be difficult to reach for great players never mind average so don't be expecting to see to many dogs.

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              my point excactly how will average players manage to have fun by earning the really good streaks. instead of crappy stuff like the low end stuff

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                  from what i have understood the wild cards may help out with the scorestreaks. there are two that will allow arial scorestreaks and non arial scorestreak kills to count towards your next scorestreak. so this may help people who have a hard time getting to the higher score streaks by using some of the lower ones like the rc car or the killer drone just to name a couple. However it seems people are taking for granted the new custom load outs. Most people may be able to  find something that will compensate for their weaknesses. Im not saying its perfect but I think there are too many people worrying about problems that may not even be there.

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                    I don't think you understand value. You need to earn higher streaks. Be better than average if you want the high end streaks. That's why they are high end streaks in the first place. If you can't earn them why the hell do you deserve them?

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                    I don't think Treyarch can really win..


                    If they make score streaks harder to get they get complaints that it won't be as fun and it'll be too hard..


                    They make them easier to get they get complaints that it's too easy, that there is too much air support being called in..


                    I want people to just play the game and see how it works out..


                    Worst case scenario you aren't a huge fan of it, it's hardly going to kill the game for you..


                    I think players need to learn to adapt. If every CoD was like IW's games full of killstreak spam then it would get old. This game may actually feel fresh for the first time in years and it still gets complaints.


                    I will never understand this community.

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                      Dont forget, kills that are "defends" will count as 100 pts in domination. Also, destroying equipment etc will now count towards your score streak.


                      So yes, if in previous titles all youve ever done in domination is killwhore without caring about whether you win or lose, you'll find it tougher. However, if you've always played the objective, genuinely helped the team etc, I cant see much difference. Not to mention what previous posters have said about UAV assists etc counting towards your score streak.



                      Some people have said "thats great if the other team actually try to cap flags too but we all know they dont." Well, apart from probably betraying their own selfish style of play, these very things should encourage more objective play meaning those score streaks are still just as attainable.


                      You have to be careful too about comparing an old game to one that hasnt even come out yet. A good example being this time last year when I heard that Blast Shield pro in MW3 "would" act as Flak Jacket pro and Tac Mask Pro from Black Ops 1. As we know, the perk (for various reasons) is no where near as good as those two Black Ops perks.

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                          well what about if u only cap 2 flags and them hold them so other team can't get them then what going to happen? would be alot kills to get ur streak. u only need 2 flags to win the game no need for all 3 kinda dum havin all 3 no idea where abouts other team well be coming from

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                              If you cap two flags and hold them, you still get 100 pts for any kill of a player attempting to cap a flag off you (remember, they'll have two of them to go for too meaning, in theory, more opportunites for this to occur.)



                              If you're referring to the instances where the opposition are just too weak to even get near a flag, then you shouldnt really have a problem getting enough "regular" kills to get your streaks anyway. In those cases, I even advocate the tripple cap anyway (although thats a slightly different topic) as them being so bad to allow to begin with shouldnt cause you too much problems with the spawns (unless its MW3! )

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                            Two words: Get better.


                            This is what is missing from COD games. The need to get better. In COD4 or WaW you didnt have a care package to help you if you sucked at the game. You want to get a chopper? Earn it!


                            You want Dogs? Earn them! Take the time and get better, instead of complaining that you'll never get to play with the cool stuff. You want to play with cool stuff, then play a private match.


                            I dont mean to come off harsh, but the state of the community is shameful. People think everything should be handed to them, good players are despised instead of admired, trolls are put on a pedastal because they are clowning everyone.


                            When I started playing COD I got waxed for about two weeks, until I figured out how to actually play the game. Then, I still got waxed, just not as often, then after a month I was going consistently positive and after 3 months I was a consistent kill whore and have been since. That is part of the fun of the game.


                            You know how many Nukes I got in MW2? 2. How many times did I run the Nuke in MW2? 2. It wasnt even that challenging after you got the harrier.


                            You know how many MOABs I have in MW3? 0. Because I dont care about them. I want to win. I play the objective, I run low support streaks so I can call them in 3 to 4 times a match to help my team win. My K/D is the lowest it has ever been in any COD in MW3, because I stopped caring. My W/L is one of the highest its ever been.


                            Point being, get better. Play all the playlists both Core and HC. When you have a 3:1 W/L and have played everything then you will know that you are actually a good COD player.

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                                Trust I will earn them I only play in parties of six with all 3.0 and up k/ds for the last 3 Cod games 85 win percentage. I just worry for the other team I think they've made it a little to hard for them to stand a chance especially with the ghost nerf and blackbird being back. I can see a lot of quitting coming in this game.

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                                It was like that with the killstreaks in MW2. Most people me included could never reach high KS in objectives. Its nothing new.

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                                  I think that was kind of the idea behind the new scorestreak system. First of all, playing the objective will earn you more points towards earning streaks, taking kill mongers out of the picture.


                                  I also think that Streaks won't dominate this game like they have in previous titles. The way I see it, a reward should feel like a reward. It should feel fresh, and earned. If someone is getting an AC130, Helicopter, EMP, Stealth Bomber, or whatever every game... what is the challenge in that? I like that they are bringing challenge back into the game.


                                  I am not a high kill streak guy either, just not my playstyle.  But I like knowing that if I get one, I've earned it. Besides, I can still go ham on the  bots in Combat Training and mess around with all the streaks.

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                                      Simple things such as gun skill and actually earning your killstreaks are long forgotten in this COD community. MOST players on here either started on Modding Warfail 2 or after where things were pretty much handed to them as far as killstreaks go. Black Ops was good in being that killstreaks didn't stack and people actually had to WORK to get the higher killstreaks and as a result there were FAR less games being dominated by air support and killstreaks as previous games. Modding Warfail 3 was just a spam fest of air support and pathetic gameplay.


                                      All these "good" players are actually going to have to rely on gun skill and playing the actual objective to earn the higher killstreaks which padded their stats in previous games. What a lot of people are missing is that they even stated that the number that pops up on the screen is EXPERIENCE, not the points toward the actual streak. So for example lets take domination vs. TDM. A regular kill in Dom is +50, and TDM it's +100. This is NOT the amount of points earned toward the killstreak. There probably will be a set amount of points across all gamemodes for kills that stays the same. The difference in the objective games is that playing the objective (capping flags, planting bombs, etc.) earn more points towards the pointstreak than kills. Say the base points for a kill towards a killstreak is 75, the base points for capping a flag in Dom is 150. Basically a flag cap is worth twice a kill, and maybe a bonus percentage for each flag other than the first. Say capping the second flag is worth 200, and a third is 300 points. So if you capture all three flags you earn 650 points toward a pointstreak.

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                                      I love what Treyarch is doing. I am sick of killwhores in objective based games. Playing like that is easy mode in COD. Step your game up. Come out of your camping spot behind that wall and help produce a win for your team. I not a pro and I can still get high killstreaks playing the objective because that is the way I have always played.


                                      My advice is play league play if you are that worried. You will be matched up with players of your skill level.

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                                          Kill streaks and now score streaks has been one of the large differences between it and its other FPS competition like the Halo series.  The fact that most people will not see a UAV on their best day in Black Ops 2 makes the game much less attractive to consumers.


                                          I am quite sure the system will backfire in a number of ways.


                                          1) People who are only interested in kills and kill/score streaks are still going to go for kills. Since they now need more kills they are going to stay even farther away from the objectives.  To get the streaks you need to live and if you are near an objective you usually don't live long.


                                          2) If your team loses a domination point in the middle of the game and people are on streaks there is no way they will scarfice those to get near the objective.


                                          3) Less people are going to play objective games.  You are going to see tons of people in team death match where they can still earn streaks by getting 100 points a kill and you will see very few people in the objective playlists.


                                          4) People are going to play other games, either a previous CoD titles or Halo 4. 


                                          5) People are now going to camp the objectives even more.  In previous titles a skilled team of domination players would push past B and keep you pinned at the point near your spawn. Now they will let you get near the point and take you out earning the extra points.  So if you think you are going to get extra points for captures and live to get a streak you are 100% wrong. 


                                          6) Skilled teams will push in even farther into the opponents spawn and proceed to spawn kill to get their score streaks. 


                                          7) For people who don't normally play with a group of people and team with randoms I would expect them to get frustrated and quit playing the game.  The randoms will either keep running or the objective to try to get additional points and die a ton, or they will not go for the objective and play for score streaks but will not produce any because they are trapped in their spawn and getting 16 kills to get a decent offensive streak will not be possible. 


                                          8) Since no one will be getting score streaks half the perks are now a waste of time to run.  Ghost was split into 4 different perks that will somewhat protect you against streaks. All of them are now a waste of a pick 10 slot. 


                                          9) Since people now have more room for other equipment in the pick 10 system (since they don't need to run perks) how many launchers and tubes are you now going to see in a game of domination? If you thought one many army and danger close were bad in MW2, you now may be wishing for a different system. 


                                          10)  With the influx of more skilled players into Team Death match many of the new players who often get use to CoD in that playlist are going to get frustrated and leave CoD.



                                          There has always been a way to balance out air support through perks and launchers.  Too many people are so concerned about hitting X to respawn that they do not bother to change their class to Ghost or Blind Eye so they don't get killed. 



                                          After figuring out the score streak system Treyarch seems to have gone in a different direction that I believe will end up costing Treyarch customers.  This is too bad because the game, other than the score streaks, looks great. 


                                          For all these reasons I think when the game is released you will see a standard score for kills across all game modes at 100.  I think you will then see the points for other stuff come down so it averages out. 


                                          There is no sense in someone earning 50 score for a kill in Domination, 100 in deathmatch and potentially 500 in Search & Destroy.  Why would Treyarch give you access to super high streaks in S&D and really low streaks in Domination?  This makes no sense.  There is no reason that 6 people should get 150 score points for jumping on A or C at the start of the match. They have barely moved, and are seconds into the game. 

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                                              I respectfully disagree with almost all of your points.


                                              1. They will need to play nearer to an objective to get defend score which is quite a boost from the normal 50. Meaning they will at least be near or on an objective.


                                              2. probably true, but how many times do you have a whole team that is on a high streak, not often even now. also, taking into account that they will be getting offensive points for clearing out objectives, they still can help the team from a distance


                                              3. Agreed, but this is actually a good thing. Objective games may acutally be fun again!


                                              4. Doubt that highly, Halo 4 maybe, but other CODs... no sir.


                                              5. At least that means that teams are playing the objectives which is the point of the game. And if they do let people get closer to a cap point it will be harder to contain the team than if they were spawned


                                              6. This is nothing new, teams have always done this, lets just hope the spawn doesnt flip if someone farts like in the past 2 CODs


                                              7. Or it means that singles will have to look into joining a team to get more competitive, making the games more competitive


                                              8. Why is this a problem? People will actually use things other than ghost, blind eye, dead silence etc?! Holy COD4s ghost batman!


                                              9. May be true, but that also might mean they are going to use other equipment more effectively like the controversial tac insert or maybe they just wont use it at al!!!! (INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE)


                                              10. No, they are going to have to learn to get better, just like everyone else. This is actually a good thing. And if they leave because its too hard and dont want to get better, the community is better for it. There are always people willing to help out newbies that want to learn, but people wont be able to pick up the game for the first time and start owning like they are enabled to do now.


                                              Perspective is everything. All of your points show concern for the game getting more competitive and people leaving because of it. I have yet to see where you have reason to be concerned.

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                                            I only have mine set upto a 7 anyways, which I hardly get to begin with. In BO1 i ran a 3,4,5 or 3,4,6 set up. I will just have to wait and see how everything goes when it comes out.

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                                              xTTh wrote:


                                              Anyone else think 50 points a kill is too low in objectives, i mean you can only play the objective so much, the average players will never reach some of these killstreaks even on a really good day.


                                              That's fine... it de-emphasizes streaks.

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                                                No. If you want high streaks, go play something that's not objective based. It's about time objective pursuers were given priority in objective based modes.

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                                                  xTTh wrote:


                                                  Anyone else think 50 points a kill is too low in objectives, i mean you can only play the objective so much, the average players will never reach some of these killstreaks even on a really good day.

                                                  The whole idea of scorestreaks (in objective games) should be achieved by objective play.


                                                  Its gone on long enough, that the developers have catered to non objective players, playing objective games.

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                                                      What you and a lot of people on this forum fail to realize is that playing objective gets you killed a lot more than you think. if i keep getting B flag and a kill and as soon as i cap it i get killed guess what? I didn't even make it to a UAV. I  agree that kill whoring shouldn't be as rewarding as it has been in the past but the truth is the higher end players are really going to pub stomp hard becuase it will barely be possbile for you to get any killstreaks. once you get spawn trapped in dom and you can't get a 7 or 8 kill uav to help your team what are you going to do keep playing the objective? what's going to happen is they will now let you cap it to KILL you and then cap FOR MORE points trust me it should be 100 points per kill even in objective.

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                                                      Yeh xTTh your right I'd say, I think its way to high, unless you get points from your killstreak reward to go to your next killstreak reward

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                                                        I think the one thing I've taken away from this thread is how dependent we as a community have become on killstreaks. Its almost as if people are now just expecting to get their streaks, and its no longer all that much of a reward.


                                                        I am hoping that getting a streak in Black Ops II will be something that is truly earned and appreciated. That the high streaks are rare to see and a sign that someone is having an outstanding game. Someone pulling a top tier killstreak in Black Ops or MW3 isn't that big a deal, it happens pretty much every match.


                                                        Hoping this change puts the focus on the objectives and on Gun on Gun action, and makes the rewards truly feel like rewards, not spam.

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                                                          I like the scorestreak idea, however coming from someone that tends to get facerolled when infact I am trying hard to actually do well basically makes getting anything above the UAV kinda rough.


                                                          Some of these matches have been so bad that I've taken to each time I die just shooting down 2 opposing teams aircraft just because at least that gets me a few points which still end up getting reset upon the next death. I'm even using the Hardline perk I think it is which reduces the score needed.


                                                          Not sure really what to think of this whole setup, I'm sure at some point I'll start seeing myself hitting up to the 700+ range before a death, but for now it just hurts to be the one going down so much.

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                                                            I find streaks TOO easy to get.  I mean, if you know what you're doing you can get a lodestar, VTOL an swarm every game. Maybe not in TDM or search but in KC, Domination, CTF, Demo ect.  Just too easy IMO.  I went from a 0.42 in MW3 to a 1.64 in BO2.  Everyone is complaining about difficulty, but these readily available streaks are awesome

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                                                              Streaks are simple to get in HCKC, if you cant get the high ones in objective games, its your lack of skill, not the game.

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                                                                they're already pretty easy to get

                                                                if they get any easier then people just camping for streaks is going to be even more obnoxiously common

                                                                even i already started going straight for headglitches in high traffic areas because it's too easy to get a vsat with an fal or an-94, and that will help my team far more than anything else i could possibly do

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                                                                  I don't run high scorestreaks.

                                                                  I'd rather play,, you know,, Cod,, a game that's a FPS.

                                                                  Gamers expectations are really high regardless of their own ability. Guess what - we can't all obtain high scorestreaks, but we can all shoot a gun and try to play the game. If your not at the ability to obtain a loadstar - be the one in your team to whack on cold blooded and a stinger - shoot it down to help your team mates.

                                                                  BTW - nothing worse than having a TM that only cares about his Dogs and Swarms and doesn't try to actually help the team win the objective by,, you know,, using your weapon.

                                                                  In short - you shouldn't need to obtain high score streaks to have fun.