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    I thought I was a little good at this game. when...

      Last night I partied up with some friends. We are all decent players (me myself got 2.6 k/d 440spm) which I found out to be pretty good! Well, not anymore after we got our @sses handed to us in a game of domination express last night. I can't blame on lagg, which is the usual factor for me to lose.. Their aim was incredible, the map knowledge, the desition making catching us off guard, in our faces all the time, we had no chance to win that game. We was behind the whole match!

      Once we captured C, they took us out one by one and took it back with ease. Our whole team was widespread across the map at all times, because the other team was so good devided around the map.. I finished the game 13-17 with 9 caps. I now realize that I'm just a decent casual gamer which enjoy to win and kill noobs...


      So to you guys with 1.5k/d thinking you are decent (aka good in your eyes), no, you are not good...sorry.


      And to you guys saying that players or teams in MLG and stuff aren't good, seriously, get your ignorant eyes up or prove me wrong!

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