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        30. Re: Care packages need a change .....

        For the record, I think you are over reacting because you ARE over reacting.  For the record, my score streak set up is as follows generally.  For deathmatch based games I run UAV, Stealth Chopper, AGR.  For objective based games I switch out the chopper for EMP systems.

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          31. Re: Care packages need a change .....

          I usually run hunter killer, cp, and Cuav with engineer but I guess i need to play against you then as I have called in over 900 care packages and rerolled at least 500 of them and yet to ever get dogs, swarm, or a lodestar. I have rerolled one into a VTOL but that has been it so I guess luck is not on my side. So I will repeat over 900 cp's and not 1 swarm, lodestar, or dogs. What I have noticed now is the care package wont stop moving once it lands making it unable to be caputured for a few seconds not thats annoying.

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            32. Re: Care packages need a change .....

            Woah, woah wish. I BELIEVE a UAV is only 5 kills. So how would a VSAT be 7 kills? I may be wrong wrong but im basing my proposition from trying to get guns gold, if not using hardline it would 1 bloodthirsty (5kills)

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              33. Re: Care packages need a change .....

              In 280 hours of gameplay, I have seen ONE swarm from a CP.  One.  Some of your suggestions are interesting, but you are completely exaggerating the current situation w/ CPs.  It doesn't help your cause, even though I know it feels like it does.

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                34. Re: Care packages need a change .....

                Im not sure on the whole CP re-rolling thing giving out high streaks all the time. I used to run Hardline and Engineer with CPs and all i ever got was Lightning Strikes and below even re-rolling from them. But I will do a little experiement to test this out, so for the next 100 CPs i get im gonna re-roll the ones that are CUAV or lower and see what happens. expect a reply to this in the next day or so.

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                  35. Re: Care packages need a change .....

                  Don't feel too bad, they are wasting CAC points on Hardline, when if they just got one more kill or tag they would get the care package anyway. Hardline is wasted point for low streaks.


                  I love the care package, though. Not because I want to get a swarm without earning it, but because i'll get to try things that I wouldn't add to my scorestreaks otherwise.


                  I was surprised by getting dogs in a care package the other day on Terdbine. I only got four warbeast medals, so I figure a war machine or stealth chopper would have been more useful.

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                    36. Re: Care packages need a change .....

                    I called 512 care packages and only had the dogs and swarm 1 time. Never had the loadstar, warthog, or any high kill streak reward. I stopped running CP as all I kept getting is  war and death machines UAV's cUAV, RC car, I luck up with the stealth chopper once in a blue moon. The only time I get good stuff is when I run engineer to change the UAV to something else.

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                      37. Re: Care packages need a change .....

                      This is the reason that Care Packages are good as is.  It allows new players an opportunity to use a big streak that they aren't quite ready to go for themselves.  Given that the higher streaks don't come around very often, there is no incentive to not learn how to earn these streaks on their own.  If anything the CP is a good way of encouraging new players to get better.  The reason that the OP is finding so many CP users hiding in corners is because most new players are too scared to explore the map and don't want their stats to reflect just how little they know about the game.  These are the easiest players to kill and quite frankly shouldn't elicit such frustration.

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                        38. Re: Care packages need a change .....

                        Vip3rTh3Snyp3r wrote:


                        The care package is over powered. I run stealth chopper, vast, and swarm and get them ALL THE TIME......


                        You say the care package is overpowered and you run the VSAT?  The only time a VSAT doesn't feel overpowered much is in TDM because of the scoring system.  Chances are, the team who has the person calling in the VSAT is winning by a fair amount anyway.  Some objective game modes make earning a VSAT far too easy considering it cannot be destroyed and there are only soft counters available.

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                          39. Re: Care packages need a change .....

                          Care packages are fine. The odds of getting great stuff are pretty low. Best I ever got was stealing an enemies and it was dogs. Best I've got is Support drone. most of the time theyre rubbish not to mention you can steal them and it gives away enemy positioning.

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