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    Solo is too easy with three afterlives

      The three afterlives are definitely needed in the beginning to activate everything and retrieve all of the plane parts. In the high rounds though they make it too easy. I am a decent zombies player, but I am by no means a pro. My highest round in bo2 zombies before last night was 31 iirc, due to mostly playing with randoms and losing interest in these last two maps pretty quickly. Last night though I was able to get to round 46 in solo motd with six downs the whole game. I could have gone on longer, but I took two really stupid downs at the end of round 46 while trying to kill brutus but not the last zombie. I still had one afterlife (two more lives essentially), but I was getting really bored and was mad about those downs so I ended the game. Before who's who and afterlife the most downs you could have in a solo match before the game ended was four. Who's Who is fine by me because it's still pretty hard to revive yourself, but with afterlife any somewhat decent player can get to high rounds without too much of a problem. They may have a lot of downs by the end of the match, but they still will have made it to a high round.


      It's too easy guys. Don't get me wrong, I love the map, but I wish they could have done something to make it a little more challenging later. Maybe make everything open up/activate by round 18-20 and stop supplying afterlives after that. I only feel this way about solo also. Multiplayer is a fair bit harder with only one afterlife.


      What do you guys think?