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    Team Deathmatch needs adjusting

      You just cant score enough points.At the moment this game mode serves no purpose IMO.Yes, i can understand that the simplicity of the game mode is very appealing to a lot of players and im very aware of the high numbers that do play it, but i really think something needs changing.


      I have two soultions, either increas the points per kill to 125/150 or increase the score limit to 100 kills.


      Whats your opinions on this? would be happy to hear responses

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          I'm fine the way it is. I wouldn't mind if the match was extended to 100 kills. Increasing the kill scores up to 125 or 150 will just lead to more score streaks; is that what you want?  Personally it's a nice change of pace to have less scorestreaks in TDM - considering I mainly play DOM.

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              No, im not worried about score streaks at all.At best i earn around 3000 points in TDM and thats in a decent game, on average around 2500 give or take. In domination and various other game modes i earn around 5000 easily.And yeah i agree with the nice change of pace thing, but its just not rewarding enough to play it.

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                  Ahh- see what your saying. I would point out a match of TDM is much shorter than DOM, etc. I remember seeing a video by Woody on YouTube saying that the Party game Sharpshooter was a great way to gain quick XP - ie gaining high score in a quick match. 

                  To be honest TDM is not my fa v game mode - but pop into it for a change every so often.

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                They need to tweak it. As it is, it's far more easier to get streaks on Dom and other game modes compared to TDM. People are not complaining about the amount of Scorestreak rewards on Dom and I don't think they will do so if they tweak TDM to 125 or 150 per kill.

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                  StillFlex wrote:


                  You just cant score enough points.At the moment this game mode serves no purpose IMO.


                  If you're talking about scorestreaks then this is what is wrong with COD.  If I get a VSAT in TDM under the current scheme outside of a care package I've done well.  You want streaks play Hardpoint and Domination where they give you an extra leg up in getting them.  TDM's purpose is a greater focus on gun to gun action and not have a stupid amount of vehicles on the map in the form of scorestreaks so that it lags the game.  If I wanted to use vehicles so much I'd play Battlefield or Ace Combat.

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                    I wish they would tune the other game modes to be more like TDM. Make streaks hard to get. It is still far to rewarding to just kill whore in objective games rather than play it. I would make kills in any objective game only worth 25 points. If they were going to do anything to TDM, I would prefer if the bumped the score limit to 100.

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                      Increasing the kill cap would make it easier for people to get TDM Master... you know how many times I was 17-0 but the game ended at 75 kills when all I needed was the Relentless to achieve TDM Master? I would prefer for it to remain more challenging to achieve that title now that I have earned it.


                      As for increasing points per kill... that would mean a lot more heavy hitting scorestreaks and games would end too fast.


                      The way it is now you need to plan your scorestreaks depending on the game mode that you play. I like it that way and I believe there are game modes out there for each style of play.


                      The game mode "is what it is" and I think it should be left that way.


                      Kill Confirmed = TDM with more points to be earned.

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                        How about increasing the match bonus to 1000 points? Then you won't have the scoresteak spam of other gametypes also less players will back out. As many people play TDM though, there's not much

                        need for more incentive.

                        In previous CoD's I mostly played CTF, groundwar, and Merc TDM; In blops2, I play TDM almost exclusively. My biggest issue with TDM is that late at night I'm constantly matched up against master prestige clans so much that my w/l is 0.53. I really miss Mercenary TDM and feel that solo players get shortchanged. Really the only playlists for solo players are FFA and Merc moshpit, but merc moshpit lobbies are desolate and I just can't get into FFA. Therefore, I've resigned myself to play out this game as a TDM lobby hopper, and hope Merc TDM will make a return in the next game.