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    Attachments on the wall

      Is it too much to ask to be able to customize my gun without having to PaP. I would really like to see attachments on the wall so I could put sights on, gernade launchers, laser sights, and a dual weild for a more custom feel to zombies. I think repeated PaP for attachments is stupid and doesn't give you more than 1 attachment, repeated PaP should lead to more attachment slots on the gun so you could have up to 3 attachments like on multiplayer on top of I want to choose my own attachments. A flamethrower attachment would be pretty sweet too and increased ammo capasities for the gun or guns you customize so you actually get to use them and they don't run out of ammo all the time. One last thing I would really like to see and that is custom bullets for the PaP, like FMJs, laser bullets like they already have, electric bullets, fire bullets, acid bullets, and explosive bullets like in mustang n sally only weaker because that gun is way over powered. Finally 1 last thought and that is a rapid firing wonder weapon that uses points instead of bullets, atleast then some of my points would get used in later rounds.


      This is just the direction I would like to see things going instead of perma perks, stages that kill you, and perk machines you can't even access. I would also like to see some real challenges like hold a certain room down for round 20 without dying or protect a bridge for 5 rounds, kill a thousand zombies in a match, something more game related and should have rewards like increase bullet capasities by 25 bullets for every 500 zombies killed in a match with that particular weapon and last but not least would it kill you to put in a melee weapon that could be used in rapid succession like a chainsaw or rotating blade. If seems like all the people in charge only care about making the game hard and hard does not equal fun, with the direction the game is going in now I will most likely not be buying the next black ops because I am more about the zombies and that is tanking fast.