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    Interesting fact!

      Hey guys I know how many of you HATE campers! So here is some proof that rushers are better than campers. Let's start by talking about the human brain, humans react (.)80 milliseconds later after wanting to avoid something or do an action that requires reflexes. The human reflexes are (.)80 Milliseconds slow. However, humans will instinctively react instantly if they are in contact with danger, like touching a hot object. To keep the human brain in fastest reflex state, they must be expecting the time of the reflex, an example is: trying to hit a ball coming at you in midair, or countering in boxing. Now to relate to COD, rushers are always expecting a reflex state when they're running, it may seem unpredictable, but to them it is. A camper will not be able to predict when the enemy will aproach his camp spot, so when they do, they require (.)80 milliseconds to react. The rusher's chance of killing the camper is dependant upon his accuracy, and the camper is already ADSing, so that's why most rushers die. Moral is, when your're rushing, be expectant, not ignorant and unfocused, cause that will lead you to multiple deaths and give the enemy a predictable moment for your arrival at the camp place. That will lead you to rage, and raging could lead to suicide or a heart attack. Thank-you for your time to read this B**ch of a post.