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    Target Finder

      what kind of attachment is a target finder , its just better for campers and blind people not trying to be offencive or anything but i mean come on everytime i get killed by target finder it's a camper

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          Dont hate the player hate the game lol !!!


          I use target finders and im no camper i run and gun i always play hardcore too .

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            i get killed by campers wheather there using target finder or not but they only catch me once lol a camper tends to think they can stay and get u again just gotta be smarter than they are

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                ANGRYDAD1977 wrote:


                a camper tends to think they can stay and get u again

                I rarely find any player camping in the same spot when I return. This logic is very unrealistic and over exaggerated.


                Most campers will move to a headglitch spot at a choke point and then move one when the red dots change position. Since most maps have predictable spawn and only a few directions to move, veteran campers will exploit every headglitch they can and earn a streak reward which will get them even more cheap kills.


                Welcome to COD, where scrubs pretend to have skill and then troll you when you say otherwise.

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                I use the TF an a LMG an the map carrier. For the longshots.

                Drawback is that a large portion of your view is blocked

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                  I hate the TF not because of campers but because its obscures your side view so badly and it's crosshairs thing is kind of distracting. Same reason I'm not partial to the EOTech sight. Campers are gonna camp, TF or not, let them have their moment.

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                    Why does everyone ***** about the target finder?


                    Remember marksman from MW3? See enemy name tags from across the map? No one bitched about that.


                    But now, you have to be aiming down your sights, it cuts off 2/3rds of your screen, slows down ads, and adds visual recoil... So now you complain?


                    Black ops 2 isnt perfectly balanced, but its pretty damn balanced, so everyone has to find something to complain about.



                    What i complain about is the KSG being a sniper with iron sights that is a one hit kill anywere on the body.... and whos idea was it to give akimbo pistols the same time to kill as a shot gun or sniper in close range? Sure when it was the python, when reloadign took forever. and had a small ammo capsity, or when it was the deagle and had allot of recoil. But now they have a fast reload, low recoil, high damage.... i mean really?

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                      lately, it seems like 4 out of 6 players on the opposing team is using target finders, everytime I watch a kill cam, it was a guy with a target finder shooting me, I even saw a guy with one on a skorpion of all things yesterday..lol...its like having a snipers scope on every gun...lol

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                        Hate the TF so much, use the perk that counters it. Dont want to use the perk.. well that is your problem and not the devs.

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                          The target finder is very annoying becuase it takes a lot of skill out of the game. Half the time, I get killed by some camper with cold blooded and a LMG. And guess what atachment he has on it. The target finder. The MMS scanner is the only way to counter attack campers beause you can see them through walls.


                          However, you may ne considered a noob for even considering using the MMS scanner.

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                              lol To the last line, does it really matter if you're "considered a noob" for using an attachment?

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                                this game doesnt take skill, it doesnt matter what you use.. its all about connection and point and shoot.


                                people hate the TF, its been in the game since day 1, and its not going anywhere, i dont know why people still complain about it.. it no longer gives a red cross hair to CB users, but yet the tears still fly..and talk about how someone useing a TF is a noob while they are hip firing and smg with a laser sight and silencer


                                lol whatever

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                                Poor babies getting killed by campers, TF, SMGs, rushers, etc. It's sad when you complain about how you get killed. Really sad.

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                                  lol , like trialstardragon said , Use the perks