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    What's up with everybody and this double Y spam all of a sudden?

      Morning guys, I noticed recently more and more players spamming the crap out of the Y button in my killcams lately. Does this help with snapping onto targets or make aim assist even stronger? These guys who I see doing it have superb aim and accuracy. Do the do it to keep their reflexes sharp? I'm kind of at a loss. I'm definately not a new player but I just haven't seen as much of this in the past as I am seeing it now. It is kind of crazy though, as earlier on cargo, one guy was mantling up on one of the cargo crates and I was way down the map and he jumped up, double tapped Y and blasted me with 2 full bursts of the M8A1 like a freaking laser beam locked onto me, right in the chest. This has happened to me often lately, guys doing this especially with burst weapons and it's like they never miss me even when I am running with lightweight and they are standing still. All in all, is this something I can learn to better my aim or are these guys just really good and know how to explot aim assist to the max? Thanks .