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    Tired of players camping?  one answer...

      Millimeter scanner


      I have over 20 days gameplay and used the millimeter scanner when the game first came out but didn't find it particularly useful.


      Now I have all my weapons maxed out, I am experimenting with various setups.


      Just tried the millimeter scanner on Standoff, Domination.


      For those who dont know there are three main buildings overlooking the B flag, and a smaller one that is a link between two of them.


      In this smaller building there is a "popular" corner that campers like to sit in where they cover one door and the B flag.


      I was running from C to A via the back route, with an SMR and MS.  I scanned the room and low and behold a camper sat in the corner ADS down to B; you can tell because the image with the MS is so good.  I watched him for about five seconds to make sure he wasn't going anywhere, and he wasn't.  I didn't have FMJ fitted (you can't with MS), but a suppressor.  So I was quickly thinking how best to kill him.  After two seconds of thinking I just fired.  Three shots and he was dead.  Wow, never realised you could shoot through a wall so easily with the SMR and suppressor.  I think I will be using the MS a lot more from now on.