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        40. Re: shotgun discrimination

        Who cares if someone started a new account to try and get shotguns?  They still have to PLAY to get the shotguns and keep them.  I'd take someone who started a new account because they didn't know about the ranks, or multiple people use their system, or whatever the case may be over someone who glitches or just plays solo to rack up their k/d. (Which is a huge factor in shotties but so is being a team player)


        Like someone up there said if I'm playing with other shotguns, and they don't ask where someone's at when they are down, or attempt to revive them... Not a good impression.  That's the bad rap I find shotties have now.


        "Oh I'm down now I'm going to have to watch this guy play through these rounds and not even help us out"


        As I'm running up behind someone in the power room to revive them on Die Rise, or hitting portals in Tranzit trying to find their ass if I can.  I hate the invites at the beginning of the game. It's like I could be the biggest glitching douchebag in the world why just add me? It's gratifying when you play and all three people reach highest rounds and add you however.


        VDH if you're on the Station you can add me up if you want. Or anyone if you got skills. Skulls to shotties I don't care.



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          41. Re: shotgun discrimination

          If someone discriminates against me solely based on my rank, I wouldn't play with them anyway!

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            42. Re: shotgun discrimination

            I like big butts and I can not lie!

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              43. Re: shotgun discrimination

              i had shotguns then i played mob of the dead.....

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                44. Re: shotgun discrimination

                And you wonder why one wants to play with you.

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                  45. Re: shotgun discrimination

                  What's the big deal if someone creates a new account? I knew my skills and figured that I could get shotties. So i tried and i did. Not everyone has just one person play on their account. We've always got people over or playing some sort of game. Generally zombies. Not to mention everyone getting perma jug and such.


                  Whether you start a new account or not you still need to earn them. And with (for ps3) MOTD still to come out, plus more maps after that, it's still going to be fun and challenging to keep them.  Before I got my shotguns I only played one game of solo, rest were four players on all the maps. Mainly Die Rise.


                  I don't know why I'm posting this, probably the whole 'created a new account thing' just bugs me. You still need the skills to get them/keep them.  I don't quit games and I'm always in for high rounds.


                  To be honest I really prefer the BO1 leader boards. It was fun trying to obtain the shotguns, but there's nowhere else to go now.  People very rarely quit and it was all about just getting to the next round with your team intact.

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                    46. Re: shotgun discrimination

                    Hey, to each their own. I personally don't even care much about rank, I'm more concerned with what kind of player a person is than a little picture next to their name. My point was that there are a lot of players out there who got their shotguns by playing the game from the start, and that making a general "most shotgun players" statement is not fair to those players.


                    But since you asked, I DO feel like starting a new account is taking the easy road. Sure you have to have the skills unless you glitch (general you, not you personally) but you don't have to work as hard to get there as someone who started at day one. But if someone wants the rank enough to do it, whatever.


                    Also, those two comments together made the "it's a joke" seem more like a CYA move to me.

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                      47. Re: shotgun discrimination


                      "Just remember that if someone's hating on you, you must being doing something right."



                      By that logic, I guess Hitler was doing something right.

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                        48. Re: shotgun discrimination

                        I like the rank but I'm not going to stop playing because of it. I think you're missing my point. My stats would hold up if I was the only person playing my original account.  Which is a skull which I didn't mind at all.


                        I know my skills and I know what I look for in teammates. Which doesn't have to be shotguns. You think making a new account is the easy way, I'm gonna say rocking Tranzit/Town or playing your games on solo is easier. Or glitching.  Difference in opinions. Solo is easy on any level and a good way for people to stack kills, same with Town and Tranzit.


                        I can proudly say I have never glitched. I used to open the lighthouse door on those COTD glitchers back in the day.  That was a bar one. True old school zombies player, and there's always time for revives, which is the one thing I find lacking on BO2. Not just with shotguns, but I've definitely played with a lot that will not leave the safety of their nest or even ask where you are because they aren't going to stick their neck out for you.  Even if its as simple as NTZ and you're just a hop jump and skip away. And they have monkey bombs.



                        Well never isn't true. I used the multiple gun trick glitch on WaW back in the day.   But that's different ;)


                        I'm not taking away from any shotgun players that did it from the start. Props to you. Pat on the back.  And if the theory that its your recent games that matter, and that overall stats don't mean much I'd still be there.


                        I like the fact that I can have buddies come over and not bogart my ps3 because I know they might lose my rank. Personally I like to look at it. I earned them and I do my best to keep them. Please tell me how this is easy?  I don't play on my old account, for zombies. It's my trophy account so I get the trophies for it and play all my other games there, or my buddies play on it, or some of my buddies kids.


                        So you can criticize all you want, but the kids I let play don't know what they are doing and will get maybe 5 kills to every 5-10 downs. 


                        If someone bought the game yesterday it's the same thing. Except for not knowing the maps. Unless they'd played it before which is possible.  Knowing the maps and I 'guess' the prerequisites, which is dumb because no one does know.

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                          49. Re: shotgun discrimination

                          Ok, maybe I should've said "easier road"? Isn't that why people start over, it's easier? Like I said, to each their own...I'm not criticizing, just giving my opinion when it was asked for. I don't get why you're being so defensive, it's not like I'm saying it's cheating or that people who do it must suck as many unkind people that I see around here might. Actually, you seem like someone I'd like to play with if I were on PS3.


                          And just FYI, I'm not a shotgun rank...I just don't like when people make unfair generalizations.

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