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    Adding 'Studio' AKA Firing Range as a competitive map.

      I speak behalf of the competitive community when I say Firing Range was one of the most loved maps not only in pubs but in the competitive scene. Adding it to League/MLG events, or other tournies such as COD Championships, UMG, etc. would not only make more people want to buy the maps it would allow professional veterans to have some nostalgia while doing what they love.


      It is a direct remake of Firing Range, the Hardpoints are amazingly placed, unlike maps like Yemen which are scattered. It is a very organized close quarters map that would require full communication for all 3 gamemodes Hardpoint, CTF, and Search and Destroy. Everything is well placed, just like Black Ops 1, and I can see best of 11s or at least best of 5s being HUGE on Studio, it would come down to clutches and would be close all game.


      If you guys could please tweet @Treyarch (Creaters of Black Ops 2, of course) and/or @DavidVonderhaar (Treyarch's Game Design Director)

      you could get your voice heard for this, this is huge. Not only would they make more money off of this DLC than any other maps but it would just prove that they are able to provide support for competitive players by brining back one of the best competitive maps that existed in Call of Duty.


      [REMOVED BY MODERATOR], if I haven't convinced you imagine this: OpTic vs. EnVyUs, coming down 5-5 in Search and Destroy on Studio (AKA Firing Range) just for all of the fanboys out there Reply sharing your thoughts about this, this is already a map being used for scrims and 8s, I think they should put out Studio for sale alone like they did Nuketown 2025 zombies for 400 Microsoft points? Just my opinion! Share your thoughts!


      Let's get this out there!