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    Treyarch Removes Nuketown 2025 Again for Hardened Edition Buyers.  Didn't they learn the last time?

      Bought the Hardened Edition on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360...voice your opinion please!


      Nuketown was under "Bonus" playlist for the longest time regardless of whether it was double XP or not for those who purchased the hardened edition of Black Ops 2.  Once again Treyarch is being retarded and took it away.  They tried this before and those who purchased the hardened edition complained massively! DID THEY NOT LEARN FROM THE LAST TIME EVERYONE COMPLAINED WHO BOUGHT THE HARDENED EDITION OF BLACK OPS 2.


      How can this happen yet again.  For those who say it was only for double xp weekends and special events are wrong...even david vonderhaar conceeded this!  Review his past twitter tweets as this "problem" came about shortly after the very first double xp weekend concluded.   Fix this NOW Treyarch or I am gone!


      Advertising for selling the Hardened Edition right off of their website...."Included in the Hardened Edition....Nuketown 2025"



      David Vonderhaar on Twitter starting the process of reinstating Nuketown 2025 after thousands of tweets and different blog postings covering this issue back in Nov 2012.


      Digital Spy Blog Posting - Nuketown 2025 reinstated.


      Computer and Video Games Blog Posting - Nuketown 2025 reinstated


      Kotaku Story - They reached out to Activision the last time they pulled this stunt...I have contacted Kotaku abd various other gaming blogs informing them that this issue is sadly back yet again!


      Joystiq Story - Covering outrage the first time this happened and reinstatement of Nuketown 2025.  Contacted Joystiq to revisit this story.