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    Need Connection Advice

      I'm just about had it with this game. I'm tired of being a quarter, half, or even a full second behind the game.Tired of being one-shot killed, tired of not being able to move out of the way when I'm shot at (provided I even hear the shots to begin with), etc. So I upgraded my internet connection. To begin with, I had 15/down, 5/up, average 2500 kbps connection. With the upgrade, I'm now at 25/down, 8/up, average 3000 kbps connection. But the upgrade does not seem to be helping much at all. If anything, it might be worse. I am still behind the game in 80% of the matches I get in. I'm hard wired into my router, and all the other stuff you hear about. My question is, are the connection numbers I have now comparable to what other players have, and what else can be done? Any advice is appreciated, but moving to Mexico or France and getting a DSL is not an option.