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    xKings Of Death[KGD] Recruiting experienced gamers!! Xbox 360.

      Hello! xKings Of Death[KGD] is now recruiting active gamers!!


      Here is some quick info about us:


      Clan Level-22 Black Ops 2

      Close competitive group of players

      1.66 Collective Clan KDR

      Gold Clan Tag

      USA Based



      We feel it’s important that everyone in [KGD] should know each other and everyone’s unique playing style. If you have a huge clan/alliance, the teamwork just isn’t as powerful when members are complete strangers to one another. Our small clan size will guarantee our members an equal opportunity to participate in wars, scrims, etc. We are currently 28 members strong, so we have plenty of room for new members!!



      1.  There is no age limit, but ALL members are expected to act mature. We do like to have a fun time, so 100% maturity isn’t expected obviously, but we expect maturity when it counts.


      2.  Having a Microphone is ***ESSENTIAL***


      3.  Must be willing to engage in teamwork. Winning games requires effective communication from one another!


      4.  Members must be loyal. If you feel the need to clan-hop every week, we are not for you. Loyalty is everything to us, and we rely on it!


      5.  MUST have a positive K/D, preferably 1.10+. We understand that most people come off of a rough start until learning the game completely. All that we ask is that you know the “ins” and “outs” of the game.


      Simply post in this thread and go to our ELITE account: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/6087039 and apply!

      Please leave a response such as the following below:


      Gamertag: (Name)

      Age: (##)

      Mic: (Yes/no)

      KDR+SPM: (Ex: 1.62 & 304)

      Prestige & Level: (Ex: Prestige 6 Level 17)

      How many Clan Ops/Challenges you can compete in weekly: (Ex: All, 3-4 ect…)

      Hours approximately players per day: (Ex: 2-3 hrs/day)

      Location: (where you are from)

      Anything else you would like to add:


      Add or message KGD's Clan Leader: "Reem Chief" so that we can setup a tryout. Hope to see you in [KGD]!


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