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        210. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

        Whatever, adjust your game. Core CTF is all you have.

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          211. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

          again ...core on mw3 was playable...black ops is not. Weapons are only effective if you have host advantage. Nobody plays mw3 core ctf anymore so i can't play it either

          Last Edited: Apr 15, 2013 7:07 PM
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            212. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

            Why and the hell would Treyarch remove HC CTF? I played about 85% HC CTF in the original Black Ops, was disappointed to where i didn't even play MW3 cause they didn't have it, and now BO2 wants to remove it? And replace it with Domination?!?!?!  Of my 5 days of playtime at least 95% is spent in HC CTF.... If Treyarch is so worried about the spawn camping they should try to adjust it, not take the lazy way out and just remove it..... Plus it's a choice that every player has as to which game mode they want to play in.... Don't like it? Don't play in it.... Like Barebones in the original, nobody played that crap yet they still had it till the very end... Just an FYI but i'll most likely not be playing the game or making any Treyarch purchases in the future cause of this BS.....

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              213. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

              It really isn't fair that we purchase a season pass just to be screwed over.

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                214. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                You do realize your threat to not buying any more of their games falls on deaf ears, they do not care about that and will not make them scared, nor will it make them add back in hc ctf either. They get thousands of threats like that a year, they dont care about them or fear them at all.

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                  215. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                  lol @ Barebones being 'crap'.  Some  Barebones players are good with their guns that they don't need gimmicks, in the form of 'streaks', getting them more kills.

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                    216. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                    Need to bring Hardcore CTF back.  Since the removal I have played once and was tubed non stop in domination.  My group who is on practically every night has stopped playing.  It Is arguably the only strategy game in hardcore and it has been taken away.  I purchased season pass and new maps come out today but I have no desire to even go play, would actually prefer to get my money back although that's not happening.  If it is not brought back you are going to lose a large group of gamers permanently.  I will not purchase the next game, camos, etc. and will be gone to battlefield as soon as possible.  Very sad that I have to go back to black ops 1 to play.

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                      217. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                      I read about people saying that there was to many spawn trappers well that's not true if you happen to play against a clan and they might just do it otherwise a bunch of randoms will not as for it being the least game played then why are there many of us complaning dont belive that hardcore domination is full of spawn trappers too no dang difference why coudnt they remove s and d instead and if people are hating on the thread then get outta here this is not for you yes treyarch might not care about us complaning and they wont loose but a hairs from their head be even with us all we are all gamers be for fun or job just bring hardcore CTG back

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                        218. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                        I agree with you all the way Neg, i to have played HCCTF for the majority of my MP career and it has become a pain to have my game removed replaced or stuck in a moshpit where i can only play mins a round.


                        Read through most of the replies and comments and everytime i come across these specific comments i get upset, for example HCCTF not popular, HCCTF had to be removed because there wasnt enough space to add another game mode and this one HC in general only has 4 game slots so thats why it was snubbed.


                        I ask my self why is that why only 4 slots? do why still live in the stone age that 5 or 6 slots cant be added to HC? why does core have so many game modes if this is the case while programing your game or formating your disc make its so that HC has at least 2 extra slots open for just such a situation.


                        Yes it is there game and they can do whatever they want with it, so what im thinking here is then who is stopping them from doing just doing this.


                        you know what forget it tryna keep calm while reading this stuff getting me upset, im gonna go kill whore on HCDOM

                        Last Edited: Apr 16, 2013 10:33 AM
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                          219. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                          Ya it's pretty pathetic how they've handled HC this time around. I thought IW was bad in MW3 for forcing ricochet on us but 3arc takes the cake! Great job guys! I also think it's pathetic how other HC guys are hating on ctf fans.

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